How to Start Exercising: A Beginner’s Guide to Working Out

By | May 3, 2021

How to Start Exercising: A Beginner’s Guide to Working Out

one of the most common questions i get asked is how do i balance it all between my business my kids my workouts my steps eating healthy having a relationship having friends cooking meals all of that stuff how on earth do i handle all of that how is that even possible it hasn’t always been so easy i used to get very overwhelmed about different pieces so i want to share with you today my strategy on how i do handle all of this how i make all of these different areas of my life work together so that i can find success in each one of them because it is possible to reach your health and fitness goals along with having time for your family along with having time for your kids and along with having work and all of the other things that happen in life so let’s talk about how to make a strategy to live a happy healthy lifestyle and to reach your goals let’s get started [Music] so with so many priorities out there and so many people requiring your time and so many activities that require more time and other things that require money it can get really overwhelming if you are looking at all of those things that require you and that overwhelm can kind of turn into two different things at least it does for me one it can lead me to just constantly feeling overwhelmed and like i don’t have any time meanwhile.

i’m doing a lot of the different things and just not realizing how much progress i’m making or two it can actually lead me to feeling so overwhelmed i don’t want to do any of it i don’t want to eat healthy i don’t want to work out don’t want to hang out with the kids and i’m just overwhelmed so neither of those options are very positive so let me talk to you about how to approach this differently so that we don’t get overwhelmed so when i start to feel like i have way too many things on my plate i take a second and i breathe then i go and i write down all the things that are stressing me out and these can be simple things like there’s dishes in the sink and i can’t stand when there’s dishes in the sink all the way up to a presentation i have to have an important phone call the kids recital all these different pieces they all are causing some sort of level of stress on me and i write them all down nothing is too insignificant so if it’s causing me stress it gets put down on the list usually once i get everything written out it feels good to just have that there because now it’s out of my brain and it’s there and that step in itself is kind of a stress relief so then you take that list and you set it aside for a sec then i make a separate list of my goals i make a high level list of all the things i want to achieve so if i don’t really think about this and i have no goals i’m going to be ping-ponging around everywhere not really understanding what my basic direction in life should be so lewis carroll wrote if you don’t know where you’re going any road will take you there and that is so true if you don’t have any goals you’re not going to have any understanding of what path to take so for me i like to break down my goals into my top priorities where all of my goals kind of center around and that’s my family my business and my health so for me these are really the top aspects of my life and fortunately for me the way that i’ve set up my lifestyle is they all kind of relate to each other my health is very much tied into my business and my family is also tied into all of them as well not everybody’s going to be the same.

but for me i value having all of those interrelated and overlapping so then for each one of those top high level priorities i break those down into what my specific goals are for each one of them so for my family i want to be there for them i want to help them succeed i want to help my kids learn and grow appropriately be strong and educated and also be there to support them as they need it i want to be present and be there for them with a solid foundation have good parenting you could be a good co-parent with my husband and basically be there for them for their soccer practices recitals if they need homework or if we’re just having fun family time at home for business i want to use my platform on social media and my abilities as a ceo of several companies and basically help people get motivated and learn how to get and stay healthy and live healthy happy lives and i also want to improve my skills as a business owner a manager a creator and an influencer in order to help as many people as i possibly can to provide as much value for pursuing their healthy lifestyles and following their dreams on their journey for my health my goals are to improve my overall physique reduce body fat percentage get stronger in the gym have exercise and fitness as a major part of my healthy lifestyle i want to focus on nutrition and making sure i am nourishing myself with whole and real foods i also want to pay attention to having the cleanish lifestyle where i don’t have to obsess over every little piece because i also want to enjoy other types of foods that aren’t as healthy for me and have a good balance and i also want to focus on my own continual self-improvement on being a human with my relationships with friends with my husband with my children and making the time to really pay attention to and build those relationships so all of this stuff that i’ve put together has taken a lot of time and a lot of thought to really focus on what are my goals in life and what do i want out of life what are my challenges what are the things that i really already have that i want to improve and it really takes a lot of determination it’s a task that takes focus and iteration and time and this is especially true for me and if you’re like me and you’re very task oriented and you just want to check off all those boxes on your to-do list to reduce the stress chances are you probably need to understand more of a high-level understanding and you’re not just going to be a task monkey and go through all these different things instead.

you’re going to take a second and realize does this align with my goals so i encourage you to really focus on this stuff and my goals are kind of constantly getting reassessed and narrowed down and broadened out and all these different pieces as life changes because nothing ever stays the same so as i’ve become more of a business owner that’s become more of an important role in my life and so i want to make sure that my goals align with that so now that we have our high level goals kind of understood and really focused then you take that back to our task list and all of those things that are causing us stress and then what i do here is i assess those tasks and all those different things i have to do by the level of priority and these tasks will have different levels of importance and different levels of priority so it’s really important to take a step back and really look at it now that you have a better understanding of the big picture of what really matters so with each task i ask myself the following questions does this task align with my goals if so which one will this task bring me closer to my goals and if so is this the most important next step to take me closer to that goal or is there something even more important that should be prioritized over that and does this task have to be done by me if not by me who else might be able to do it so at this point i usually have to accept.

that not all of these tasks that are on my list of things that are freaking me out at the moment need to get done not everything is as important as it might seem really i need to take a second and realize i have higher level important things that need to be done so something is going to have to get i need to accept that i can’t do everything and i shouldn’t have to do everything and this really helps me understand that i have to do certain tasks in front of the other based on their priority and then also make sure that the tasks that are even on my list and they’re making it to that are the ones that make sense to do which i think is really the major part of what gets me all worked up is i have a lot of things on my plate and a lot of it is stuff that i don’t really have to do but there’s other things that are very important that require more time and energy that i really should be doing so i can’t reach my goal every day but i can take those incremental steps towards reaching that goal so that i can be on track like we were talking about if you have nowhere that you’re going any road will get you there so if one of those things that’s causing you stress on your list like you’re overweight and you don’t like your body so losing weight is kind of a large goal in order to achieve that final priority right.

so instead of focusing on that giant piece break it down figure out what steps you can do in order to get to where you’re wanting to go every little step along the way is a part of that journey and eventually you’ll get to where you’re trying to get to so a good example would be instead of focusing on that large i have to lose weight that can be very overwhelming and very stressful break it down into smaller steps replace a candy bar with an apple when you can replace a soda with a water when you can and all of those steps will add up over time what you want is to get to a point where what you’re doing each day feels doable so that you can reach your goals if you don’t feel like it’s doable it’s already over and you’re back to that overwhelmed person who can’t get anything done because they’re so stressed out it’s about making time for what you’ve deemed important in order to achieve your goals in life and letting go of the other pieces that just aren’t in line right now with what you’re wanting to do and it really takes time to build up this momentum if you consider a train a train takes a long time to get started right it’s very slow moving in the beginning but once it gets started and it starts to gain that momentum it is something to be reckoned with so what we want to do is we want to give you the steps that you can start to really build on themselves in order to get to that end goal and once you get going that momentum is really going to drive you there it’s always hardest when you first start i promise.

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