how many steps a day to lose weight | 10,000 steps a day weight loss results

By | May 3, 2021

so is counting your steps really thatimportantthe short answer is yes and let meexplain why[Applause]counting your daily steps is a reallyeasy way to measureyour non-exercise activity thermogenesisthat’s neat for short and neat isbasically coveringall of the calories that we burn duringthe day that doesn’t include exerciseso neat is what is covered when we’rewalking our dog when we’re gardeningwhen we’re cooking dinner washing thedishes all of thatis neat versus the calories that youwould be burning to do a workout or togo on a run and that is what you callactually exercise activity thermogenesisor eat for short alright see you with meso farawesome okay so the next question is whyis neat soimportant well it’s a great idea tofocus on your workouts for a healthyheartstrong muscles and to build moremomentum in losing weight and gettinghealthy and feeling strongit doesn’t really make up the majorityof the calories we’re burning in a dayso in order to increase our meat we needto increase our overall daily calorieburning and that means good things forfat burningweight loss and overall just betterhealth and it’s really easy to add inthose extra steps as well you know parka little bit further awayfrom the grocery store.

when you’re goingin or maybe walk out to the mailbox afew times if you havesomething you’re waiting for rather thanwaiting until the end of the day youknow just do adding in those extra stepsreallycount and everything adds up so thenonce you start thinking about your dailycalorie burning in terms of this largerpicture of meat you can seehow your non-exercise time is so muchgreater.


than your exercise time so whileit’s important to get that vigorousworkout inwhen you can having those daily steps isgoing to be really valuable as wellbecause you’re also burning thosecalories while you’re cooking whileyou’re eatingeven while you’re sitting watching tvyou are burning calories it might not beas much as other times but it all makesup this larger portion ofmeat and really the best way to controlyour weight loss journey is tohave that daily exercise get the dailysteps and to be watching what you’reeating focusing on whole foods andideally if you can count your macrosthat’s best because then you’reidentifying exactly what it is your bodyneeds in order to perform to reach yourgoalsand for daily steps the way that i thinkabout it is i’m telling my body that noi’m not done yet i need to push myselffurther you need to continue to burnthis because the more you burn nowthe more you’re going to expect to burnlater and that means you can get rid ofthat extra body fat and you can reallyfocuson becoming the most healthy version ofyourself honestly it’s really the bestway to just keep a higher metabolism sohow many steps are normal and how manysteps should we be striving forgood question on average we’re gonnabreak it into three different groupsrelatively inactive is about three tofour thousand steps a dayrelatively active is about seven to tenthousand steps a dayand then very active is going to be like12 and a half thousand steps a day ormoreand for reference it kind of varies butit’s about 2 000 steps perone mile and if you’re wondering howmany steps you should be walking itreally depends on your goals but thebest thing to do is to kind of starttracking it see how many you’re doingcurrently and thenincrease that because the more youincrease it the more you push yourselfthe more you’re telling your body thatheyyou need to be prepared for this youneed to start burning more energyinstead of storing it because i’m gonnabe using this energy instead of justletting itaccumulate so personally i aim for abouteight to ten thousand steps in a dayand that’s roughly four to five milesthat i accumulate throughout the entiredayi do make sure to take a daily walkand that time frame gives me about fiveto six thousand steps so i try to take along like two to three mile walkand i track my steps using my applewatch.


so there are a ton of pedometersthat you can use that are freeas an app or you can get a special watchspeedometer or you can just kind oftrack your mileage and kind of figure itout and since you know that they’reabout 2 000 steps in a mile you can kindof figure out how many steps you’regetting in a day and it doesn’t have tobe steps you can get your knee up doingother things like i had mentioned doinggardening and such it’s just harder totrack that wayso daily steps are just a really easyway to monitor it the more you canmonitor it the more you can track itthe better you can perform andoutperform yourself and push yourself tobe betterthan yesterday and in my experience thebetter success.

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