Whey Protein Powder Price in India 1kg

By | October 13, 2021

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I never thought that AS IT IS will launch their flavored whey also Because this name “AS IT IS”,It suits more on raw wheyMaybe that’s why “As It Is” did marketing and brand ingof their flavored whey with name “Atom”So guys, in today’s video we’ll reviewAs it is “Atom”, whey ProteinFirst of all, I would like to apologize,Because here I have vanilla flavorMany people were maybe hopingfor review of chocolate flavorSo guys, I just did review oftop 5 Whey protein under 1500rsIn which I ordered All five brand swith chocolate flavorSo I was bored drinking this much chocolatethat’s why I orderedvanilla flavor of this oneThere were only two flavorsi.e.


chocolate and vanilla.So I opt for vanilla flavorso I can change my taste little bit Let’s start with our brand introSo “As It Is is” brand is ownedby a company named Madizen labs pvt. ltd.This is a Bangalore based company that was established in year 2008Madizen pvt. Ltd. used to importraw whey from USA that you get in As It IsBut now, because there isa lot of shortage of raw wheythat’s why they procuretheir raw whey from multiple vendorsSo the multiple vendors from whomthey procure their raw whey,you can see the country’s flags ofthose vendors on the label on the backSo I mean to say that Madizen labs pvt. ltd.imports its raw way protein globally,from a lot of vendorsfrom different countriesthen converts it into flavors to make “Atom” Wheyin its own manufacturing facilitySo guys, Brand’s intro is done.Let’s move forward to it’s ingredients So as you can see on my screen alsoTwo types of whey protein are added in iti.e. concentrate & IsolateIts major source is concentrateThen isolate is also added to itLecithin is also used in it,that promotes MixabilityDigestive enzymes are also added to itFlavors are added, & artificial sweetenerlike Sucralose is also used in itOne thing that I feel like missing in Lecithinis that, which Lecithin they have usedIs it soy lecithin or sunflower lecithin,company do not disclose thatA lot of people ask me, that sir… you says in your a lot of videosthat company haven’t disclosed lecithinSo what is the reason, why companydo not disclose which lecithin is addedlook… what i feels is, companydo not disclose it becausewhen company mentions itthat they have used soy lecithin in itThen a lo of people takes it in wrong way,they thinks that soy protein is added to itGuys please understand, Soy lecithindoesn’t means soy proteinSoy Lecithin is used to promotethe mixability of a whey proteinSo discussion of ingredients is done here,let’s move on and talk about nutritional informationSo their serving size is one heaping scoopin which company offers 75% proteini.e. 27 grams proteinFats is 1 grams andcarbohydrates is 4.70 gramsIf we’ll talk about Amino Acid profile,so Amino acid profilethey have mentionedjust below nutritional factsAnd their amino acid profilecomes 26.25 grams of per servingAnd serving on their protein content,they write on label 27 gramsSo 26.25 grams and 27 gramsalmost matches and justify each otherLet’s move on and talk abouttheir filtration methodso the company do notdisclose filtration methodThat’s why if you want to buy this product,then you can mail the companyand can ask which filtration method is usedin it to filter this whey proteinIf the company replies thatmicro filter, ultra filteror cross-flow micro filtertechnique is used in itthen you can purchase thisprotein product without hesitationbut if you find out through company’s mailthat Ion exchange i.e. a chemical methodis used to filter this whey proteinthen you should avoid itIf we would talk about mixability,then its mixability is really goodIn just 10-15 mins you’ll getsmooth and lump free shakeIf i would talk abouttheir serving size accuracythen they have written in their labelthat their serving size is a heaping scoopi.e. 36 grams, And i hope you can seethe result in my kitchen weighing scaleIf we would talk about its taste,then guys I liked its taste,well… Taste dependsfrom person to personI don’t prefer vanilla flavor that much,but because there were only two flavorsi.e. chocolate and vanillaand i was so bored drinking chocolate,so I ordered vanillaIts vanilla flavor is niceIf you have ever eaten milk madeice cream in childhood, i.e. made of pure milkSo its taste is like that,very Milkish typeI mean in our homes in UP,when we were kidsthen ice cream of pure milk usedto be prepared and we, kids used to eatso I reminded that type of tastewhile drinking itAnyways, its taste is goodAll of you will like it while drinking,there will be no issueIf i’ll talk about its lab test report, so i gave its samplein a NABL credited and fssai certified labAnd according to my lab test report,you’ll get 25.2 grams protein in its per servingLook… Company claims on its labelthat in their one serving you’ll get27 grams protein,but in my lab test reportIts 1.8 grams less per servingAccording to my lab test,you’ll get 25.2 grams protein in itIf we’ll talk about its price then 1 kgwhich contains 28 servingsthis will cost you 1,775 rupees on AmazonI bought it on this same price from AmazonAnd if you’ll calculate its cost per servingthen it’ll be around 63 rupeesSo in 63 rupees here, company offers you27 grams proteinNow lets move further andtalk about positives and negatives,that will be completely in my opinionI’m not influencing anyone to buythis product on its basisAlso not trying to disrespect the companyThis is purely and personallymy own opinionSo i’ll talk about the first positive,so lab test report i would say is fine,its just a difference of1.8 grams that is nominalSo i’ll count lab test reporton the fair sideIf i’ll talk about second positivethen mixability is nice,third positive pointi.e. taste is also goodI’ll talk about forth positive point,so “As It Is” is a very big andreputed brandSo i’ll count it also in positive sideI’ll talk about fifth positive point,so its pricing is also fineIf this whey protein would come earlierthen i wont say its pricing fineBut if we’ll see today’s market situationthen prices of all whey proteins are increasingBecause raw whey is in a lot of shortageSo according to today’smarket situation its pricing is fineso I’ll talk about last positive point,then company have also mentioned amino acid profileThat justify theirprotein content per servingNow guys let’s move forwardand talk about disadvantageSo first disadvantage that i felt is,because you get around 5 grams of carbohydrateSo if you are on keto diet oryou follows extreme low carb dietThen maybe this productis not suitable for youIf i’ll talk about second negative pointSo second negative point is thatcompany haven’t mentioned filtration methodThat i think they should have mentionedSo guys, This was today’s honest reviewabout “As It Is- Atom Protein”I hope you liked it, If you liked itthen share it with student communitySo they can also get the helpand can take their buying decision



Protein Supplements Price List in India

A compilation of all popular Protein Supplements aggregated here for your convenience to shop from. The best deals on all Protein Supplements brands in India assorted right here for you. Most popular Protein Supplements with price list, rating and reviews, top specs of the Protein Supplements all right here for you to buy the best Protein Supplements at the best price online. Pick from this selection of the best Protein Supplements using filters to reach your best Protein Supplements be it basis price, brand, types, features, flavour. Price comparisons feature comparisons and more such help available in a few clicks. So if its time to buy your next Protein Supplements then use this best and popular Protein Supplements list which contains of all brand Protein Supplements price list in India that has 1,063 as on 13th Oct 2021. With all the Protein Supplements now available online they are mostly available at different price points so make sure you do your valid latest Protein Supplements price list and feature comparison before making a Protein Supplements purchase online.

Protein Supplements Price List in India on October 2021

Protein Supplements Products List Price Discount
MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer XXL (Chocolate, 1KG) ₹ 1,149 8% off
Bigmuscles Nutrition Premium Gold Whey Protein Powder (1KG) ₹ 1,239 43% off
MuscleBlaze Whey Performance (Chocolate, 1KG) ₹ 2,099 20% off
MuscleBlaze Weight Gainer (Chocolate, 1KG) ₹ 949 24% off
MuscleBlaze Whey Energy Protein Supplement Powder with Vitamins & Minerals (Chocolate, 1KG) ₹ 1,599 20% off
AS-IT-IS Whey Concentrate Protein (Unflavoured, 1KG) ₹ 1,349 22% off
Herbalife Nutrition Afresh Energy Drink Mix (Lemon, 50GM, Pack of 2) ₹ 845 38% off
AS-IT-IS Whey Isolate Protein (Unflavoured, 1KG) ₹ 1,699 37% off
Herbalife Nutrition Afresh Energy Drink Mix (Lemon, 150GM, Pack of 2) ₹ 1,258 38% off
MuscleBlaze BCAA Pro (Watermelon, 450GM) ₹ 1,699 15% off
Protein Supplements price list last updated on 13th October 2021

Protein Supplements Price in India

Hunting for the best Protein Supplements deals online? We have sorted the best deals in town for your help to easily and quickly pick your next Protein Supplement from the list of best Protein Supplements in India. The best Protein Supplements brands with the Protein Supplements price list across all types of Protein Supplements at your disposal to help you pick the most popular Protein Supplements in a jiffy. With updated prices, discounts and offers you can be sure of not missing any latest deal or offer. Compare Protein Supplements prices, features, specifications and pick your selected Protein Supplements today using the best deals and offers. Using your customized permutation combinations you can shortlist the list to reach your choice of the latest and the best Protein Supplements models, its easy to even drill down to the latest Protein Supplements model or the best Protein Supplements at lowest prices using these filters we provide.

What are Protein Supplements?

A core component of the human diet, Protein comprises of amino acids and provides support for muscle build and repair in case of any damage. Protein also plays a significant role in the functioning of the immune system, endocrine system and nervous system. A supplement is essentially an additional component we add to a regular diet to achieve nutritional and fitness goals. Supplements could be both synthetic and natural and available in different forms such as- liquid, powder and solid.

Types of Protein Supplements

Whey Protein:

Milk is constituted of two proteins- casein and whey. Whey gets separated from casein in milk and is also formed as a byproduct of cheese production. Whey contains all nine amino acids, which are essential in making it a complete protein. Whey is mostly seen as a dietary supplement and is beneficial for various health related reasons. It is low on lactose content as well. Whey enhances lean muscle growth and weight reduction while making the metabolism more healthy.

Casein Protein:

Milk is constituted of two proteins- casein and whey. Whey gets separated from casein in milk and is also formed as a byproduct of cheese production. Casein constitutes 80% of milk protein while whey is the remaining 20%. Casein is a complete source of protein. Casein is a slow digesting protein whose amino acid composition acts slowly and is essentially why people take it before sleeping. It is a supplement which helps reduce breakdown of muscles and boost muscle growth.

Egg Protein:

Egg protein is derived from eggs and is also a complete protein. It is created by separating the yolks and dehydrating the egg whites. They are enriched with vitamins and are an essential part of a healthy diet. Soy Protein: Soybean is a plant protein and are composed of all essential amino acids. Soy protein is extremely beneficial in smoothening the immune system, and improving on bone health as well.

Hemp Protein:

Hemp protein comes from seeds of the cannabis plant. It is vegan friendly and is hypoallergenic. Hemp protein also constitutes all the essential fatty acids. Weight Gainer: Weight gainer consolidates protein, frequently whey, with a blend of high-starch fixings that makes it considerably more calorie-thick than normal protein powders. It is a supplement used in the process of bulking up.

Pea Protein:

Pea protein is often found in plant-based protein supplements. It is a good alternative to soy and dairy based protein.

How do Protein Supplements work?

Protein supplements help enhance bulk when combined with exercise routines. Enhancements are typically taken as pills or a powdered equation which can be blended with milk, water or organic product juices to make a scrumptious shake. Bodybuilders and proactive athletes benefit immensely from protein supplements is because of the amount of physical activity and exercise they engage in. Intense physical exercise and activity requires enough protein to give muscles enough time to recover and making them grow faster as a result. During the process of digestion protein is broken down by enzymes called ‘proteases’. The faster protein is broken down the more efficiently they are converted to amino acids which help repair muscle tissue. This enhances natural growth and helps overall with immune systems and the health of an athlete. Protein supplements are a requirement when one is intensively training to become fit and improves on their health conditions as well.

Benefits of Protein Supplements

  • Enhancing muscle growth
  • May reduce blood pressure
  • Helps reduce inflammation
  • Helps with weight management
  • Helps repair damaged muscles and tissues
  • Adds nutrition to our routines
  • Highly beneficial to consume for athletes, vegans, and elderly adults

Top Protein Supplements brands

Grizzly Nutrition:

World leaders of Sport Nutrition, Grizzly Nutrition is the maker of the finest Health-Fitness- Sport Supplements and accessories. Grizzly is world renowned for its 100% Whey protein products which they call 100% Virgin Whey. The company offers a range of products that are pure and of great quality, to serve as supplements for Health and Fitness. Grizzly Nutrition works on their three fundamental values- ‘Pure’, ‘Potent’, and ‘Natural’. Grizzly Nutrition’s range of Virgin Whey protein, is made using pure and 100% whey. This product adds an essential and stable amount of protein to your diet plan. With added digestive enzymes, these products become an efficient use for your workout and health-fitness regime.


Amway is an American brand which creates and sells health, beauty and home care products. Amway creates ‘All plant’ protein powders which have the added goodness of Soy, Wheat and Yellow pea. These products of theirs, are authentic and entirely plant sourced. They are free of cholesterol and lactose, which are created in a way to give your body the benefits of all the nine amino acids which are highly essential.


HealthKart is an excellent platform for health,nutrition and wellness. They offer a high quality and premium range of products which has garnered a great amount of appreciation from their consumers. The company envisions to enable shoppers to accomplish their wellbeing and wellness goals,be it general well being,weight misfortune or muscle building,by helping as a helping hand in their journey to good health and fitness.


MuscleBlaze started its journey in 2012, and put an end to the mess and confusion created by inauthentic and fake product types of protein supplements. The brand has better quality and better tasting products which is essentially why it has made its way to the heart of the consumer. It is a leading brand, trusted by many for sports supplements and protein supplements due to their authentic creations and honesty with effective results.


Endura produces high quality products, and their collection of protein supplements is no exception to this standard of theirs. Endura Whey pro contains the highest biological efficiency and value, while staying low in fat content. Endura has a high quality range of products which have the perfect balance of amino acids, which conclusively helps with muscle growth and repairing damaged tissues and muscles.


MuscleTech is a brand which produces dietary supplements, marketed by Lovate Health Sciences Inc. The brand strongly believes in continuous research and development for their products to produce the most effective dietary supplements.

Top Online Retailers that sell Protein Supplements and other protein products

Why step out to shop when you can get all essential information and delivery at your doorstep? Browse through the array of products online on user-friendly platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart and Nykaa. Online shopping for Protein supplements can be an extremely informative task as you can easily review products price list online, and make your choice of purchase by comparison and suitable needs.


Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, American company Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace and cloud computing platform (based on revenue and market capitalization). Fun fact—it originally started as an online bookstore, but as of today, it sells anything and everything under the sun. That’s groceries, gadgets, apparel, toys, cosmetics, sports equipment and more. Shop Himalaya products Amazon Flipkart Nykaa today.


Founded by Indian brothers Sachin and Binny Bansal in 2007, Flipkart is an e-commerce company that sells consumer electronics, fashion and lifestyle products. As of 2019, it holds a 40% market share in the Indian e-commerce industry. It owns subsidiaries Myntra + Jabong (that sell apparel) and payments app PhonePe. You can order Himalaya products Flipkart Amazon Nykaa whenever you like.

Gold Whey Protein Powder (1Kg)

Product details

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No
  • Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 25.4 x 15.24 x 15.24 cm; 1 Kilograms
  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎ 2 August 2017
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ ISWISS Nutrition
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B074HJCWB3
  • Item part number ‏ : ‎ 2708
  • Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ India
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ ISWISS Nutrition
  • Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 1 kg
  • Net Quantity ‏ : ‎ 1000 gram


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