Papa Murphy’s Pizza Review | papa murphy’s pizza menu

By | May 4, 2021

Papa Murphy’s Pizza Review | papa murphy’s pizza menu hey everyone review the PapaMurphy’s taking baked pizza now thesepizzas are are really good and a goodthing is you just pre-heat your oven andyou go pick it up and depending on thesize of the crust like a like originalcrust is 12 to 18 minutes at 425 a thinis going to be also 12 to 18 minutes andyour stuff stuffed crust variety 25 to30 minutesnow I’ve cooked this about now let’s seeabout 12 minutes and now this one that’sright here this is the taco Grande so itlooks perfect now reason I got this oneis because I had a coupon and I got thismassive pizza right here that you’reseeing right here.

papa murphy's pizza menu

I got this massivepizza for for ten dollars because I hada coupon and it’s a really good value asyou can see look at all that you can seeit in full glory all that now this Pizzahas and they don’t just because I wasusing a coupon didn’t mean they scam mewith wood toppings because you can see Igot a ton of black olives got multipletypes of cheese got those onions gottomatoes got some beef and then insteadof pizza sauce on this taco Grande theyuse refried beans so it’s a good way toget a lot of food now if you’re justeating it by yourself this is greatbecause see all eat half of this largefor dinner and then the other half forbreakfast so that’s like five dollarmeal I mean that is some epic good goodstuff right there but we’ll just do aflyover of it here because this is thePapa Murphy’staco Grande pizza and they have normalpizzas too but I like whatever thecoupons have for that month and it comesto this little tray just bake it on soit’s mes idiot-proof and it’s good andit’s like piping hot so now.



I get my getmy little pizza cutter and just go totown and eat it but these are reallygood pizzas and just wanted to do avideo review thanks for tuning in and asalways feel free to check out my othervideos on YouTube and feel free tosubscribe to my channel thanks again howabout

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