Fruit juice or fresh fruits, what is more beneficial for health?

By | October 13, 2021

Fruits or Fruit Juices: If you are asked to choose between fruit (Fruits) and fruit juice, you may be confused and may start extending your hand towards juice, but tell you that if you want to choose more healthy (More Healthy) option, fruits are more beneficial than juice (Juice). That’s why doctors recommend eating fresh fruits instead of juice. Let us tell you why fruits are said to be more healthy and beneficial than juices.

1.Lack of fiber

According to Myoklinic, fiber is a very important ingredient for our body which not only keeps the bowl movement right but also keeps the stomach full for a long time but when we consume juice instead of fruit, all the fiber of the fruit becomes filtered.

2. Calories high

Usually a fruit is low in calories but when drinking it as juice the calorie count increases considerably. This is because if you drink a glass of juice, it contains many fruit juices. If you are consuming padding juice, adding sugar to it increases it by adding more calories.

3. High sugar

If you consume packaged juice, it can be harmful rather than beneficial. In fact, packaged fruit juices are high in fruit flavours and added sugar. This can lead to increased body sugar levels.

4. Lack of micro nutrients

Packaged fruit juices have to undergo many processes that remove many micro nutrients such as vitamin A and vitamin C.

You can include fruits in your diet to stay healthy and fit.


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