4 Keto Recipes that you can Use to Multiple Meals

By | May 11, 2021

4 Keto Recipes that you can Use to Multiple Meals today i want to share with you guys oneof my favorite meal prep secretsit’s a way where i can make an endlessamount of meals with just using fourrecipes and it takes me less than anhour to make thesethe secret is in the sauce


that’s right we’re making sauces today ilove making keto approved sauces becauseit’s a way that you could up level yourproteins or vegetablesand have you know a completely differentdish a lot of times we get bored withthe same steak orhamburger chicken and so adding adifferent type of saucecan make it more interesting and moreflavorful so today i’m going to sharewith you guysfour of my favorite keto sauce recipesand they can be paired with any proteinor vegetable and i want to pair thesesauces with proteins that i get fromtoday’s sponsor which is crowd cowcrowd cow is a marketplace for highquality meats that creates meaningfulconnectionsbetween the farmer and the customer sopeople can know and appreciate wheretheir food comes fromand know that it’s high quality andbelieve me you can taste that it’s highquality how does it workwell you get to build your own box youcan explore on their website and shoparound with different high quality beefpork chicken seafood and so much morelike i picked up a package of wildboar i’ve never had wild boar before buti thought it sounded excitingsince i was making four sauces i decidedto get some flat iron steak for mychimichurri saucechicken thighs to go with my curry wagyuground beef from my mole sauceand for my romesco sauce i’m usingchicken breastall of the meat that comes from crowdcow does not have any hormonesor any unnecessary antibiotics so youcan buy meat that’sgrass fed pasture raised or well caughtif you guys want to try crowd cow thenjust click on the link in my descriptionboxit’s crowd cow.com

keto focus and youcan get 15off your first order plus a freemembership and when you become a memberyou also get anadditional five percent off everythingyou put in your boxand if that’s not enough crowd cow isactually putting free items in the boxesof new membersthis is only a limited time so make sureyou click on that link down belownow let’s move on to our first saucethat i’m going to show you how to makewhich is a chimichurri saucei love chimichurri with my steak anytype of steak it is so good on it’s amixture ofolive oil or you can use avocado oillike i doparsley cilantro oregano garlic is inthere too and i add a little dash of redpepper flakesand it is so simple to make you can makeup a big batch of itand then pour it on all of your proteinsthroughout the weekthis works really good with chicken andfish as well i’m gonna addall my ingredients to a food processor ihavehalf a cup of parsley a half a cup ofcilantroi’ve already chopped these up intosmaller chunksso you didn’t really have to do this ifthey’re going into a food processori just did it i really don’t know why idid it i just did itso if you want to not use a foodprocessor and just mince up everythinginto really tiny chunks then you canjust stir it together but i’m cuttingeverything into tiny chunksand processing it mostly because i wantto make sure that oil and vinegar getsmixed up togetherand then we’ll need four teaspoons ofchopped freshoregano if you wanted to use driedoregano then i’d probably just use likemaybe one and a half teaspoons or twoteaspoons and then we’re gonna needeight cloves of garlic i’ve alreadyminced up my garlic.

but once again youjust pop eight cloves right in therehalf a cup of apple cider vinegar if youdidn’t want to use apple cider vinegaryou could use red wine vinegaror white wine vinegar will work and thenone cup of avocado oil once again like imentioned you could use olive oilone teaspoon of red pepper flakes forsome spicewe’re going to pulse this together untileverything is pureed and mixed upand then your sauce is done[Music]you can store this in a freezer safecontainer you can freeze ityou can just store it in therefrigerator if you freeze it you willhave toun-thought at room temperature or inyour refrigeratorjust because it’s going to be solid withthose oils ideally you do want to letthis saucesit for maybe around an hour just togive it time for those flavors to reallymeld together and mix togetherwithin the oil and once again i like topour this over steak like that deliciousflat iron steakup next let’s make some chicken curryi’ve already shown you guys how to makemy curry sauceif you guys haven’t seen that videoclick up here it’s a really good oneand always on all these recipes i’llhave the full recipelinked down below in the description boxto make this curry sauce we’re going totakeone full can of unsweetened full fatcoconut milkand add it to a saucepan you want toheat that to a boil and continue to heatit until it’s reduced by like maybearound a thirdthen we’re going to add in threetablespoons of curry paste you couldeither use the red curry or the greencurry pastestir that together until it’s smooth[Music]then we’re going to add in one more canof coconut milkbring it to a boil and continue to letit simmer until the sauce is reducedit’ll take around 5 to 10 minutes atthis point we’re going to add in alittle bit more flavori’m going to put in a teaspoon of fishsauce a half a teaspoon of salt2 teaspoons of lime juice and then someof my vegetablesi’m going to be using zucchini andsliced up bell pepperyou could either not use vegetables ifyou don’t want to or add in yourfavorites[Music]now that your sauce is done you canstore this in a freezer safe containeror a ziploc bag and store it in thefreezer or just keep it in your fridgeuntil you’re ready to use iti like to pair this with chicken thighs.

so i’m using those chicken thighs that igot from crowd cowbut besides chicken this would beexcellent just either as a vegetarianmeal without any protein or you canmaybe add some seafood like some shrimpnext up let’s make some romesco chickenso i love romesco sauce if you guyshaven’t had it before it’s like acombinationit’s like nutty and there’s tomatoes andchilies in there it is sogood it’s really nutty though that’s myfavorite part about it and it’s reallyeasy to makeyou can pair it with chicken like i’mgoing to do or just put it on top ofvegetables like asparagus it would evenbe good with seafood or even some beefooh and pork would be really good withit too we’re going to start by panroasting some sliced almondsyou could do this in an oven too i’mjust using a nonstick skillet i haveone cup of sliced almonds i’ve justspread them out i’m going to cook themuntil they’re kind of golden brownthis will just help develop that nuttyflavoronce they’re golden brown we’ll removethem from the heat and now it’s time toassemble our sauceso in the world’s smallest foodprocessor i’m going to be addingmy almonds inside you’ll also need2 3 cup of roasted red bell peppers ijust get these from the jar from thesupermarket and i’ve cut them up intosmallchunks once again you’re going to bepureeing this so you don’t really needto cut them up into small chunks but ididand then you’ll need 2 3 cup of halfgrape tomatoes these are just greattomatoes cut in halfa half a cup of parsleytwo cloves of garlic and two teaspoonsof smoked paprika oh and a half ateaspoon of salt too just to add someflavora quarter cup of olive oiltwo tablespoons of sherry vinegar youcould use red wine vinegar or applecider vinegar toopuree this until.


it’s smooth you couldadd more oil if you feel like it’snecessaryand that’s it you just store it in therefrigerator for up to like five toseven daysyou could probably freeze this too ifyou needed to now this recipeis different than a traditional romescosauce this is just an adaptationfor ingredients that you would find atyour grocery store[Music]our next sauce recipe is going to be amole saucethis can be paired with any protein fromporkchicken beef i guess you could probablydo shrimp too that would be finebut i’m going to use some wagyu groundbeef that i’m pairing this with andpouring it over cauliflower ricewe’re going to start by adding twotablespoons of avocado oilto a large skillet and then add in threetablespoons of minced up garlica tablespoon of chili powder and ourspices we have a half a teaspoon ofcumin and a half a teaspoon of cinnamonyou want to stir that for around 30seconds this will help just get thosespices to bloom and the flavor to comeoutthen we’re going to add in half a cup oftomato saucehalf a cup of chicken brothfor some spice this is optional but i’mgoing to add in two tablespoons of theadobe pepper sauceand then for that mole taste i’m goingto add in a quarter cup of sugar-freechocolate chips i’ll have my favoritelisted down below in the description boxfor youalong with a tablespoon of almond butterand then just season it with a half ateaspoon of saltyou want to reduce the heat to a mediumlow and continue cooking this until thesauce is thickenedit’ll take around three minutes to dothen i like to mix in my cooked groundbeefand once again pour it over cauliflowerrice

this sauce does freeze really well soyou could add it to a freezer safecontainer or a ziploc bagpop it in the freezer for whenever youwant to eat iti hope this gave you guys some ideas ofhow you can jazz upall of your meats and your veggies andstay keto andmake different meals every single nightwhich is super keyto staying consistent and beingsuccessful on this dietonce again big thanks

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