Causes and Remedies for Stomach Irritation – Stomach Irritation Causes & Remedies

By | May 6, 2021

Causes and Remedies for Stomach Irritation (pet mein jalan hone ke karan aur upay): Stomach irritation is a common problem Let’s learn more causes and remedies for stomach irritation. Stomach irritation has become a common problem, usually caused by wrong eating. Stomach irritation sometimes increases so much that it starts to occur up to the chest and throat.

Stomach irritation, many physical problems such as bad taste of the mouth, sore throat, excessive belching, nausea and vomiting, sore throat, nervousness and pain in the chest and upper stomach can cause.

Stomach irritation is a common problem, which can be caused by many reasons. But contact your doctor if you have frequent stomach irritation. Let us go into detail about the causes and remedies for stomach irritation from our article.

Causes of stomach irritation 
Sometimes consumption of wrong food can cause stomach irritation. In addition, not digesting food properly can also lead to stomach irritation.
Overeating during pregnancy can cause stomach irritation. Also, during pregnancy, there is pressure in the internal organs of the pregnant woman. Due to which the pregnant woman feels burning in the stomach.
Excessive consumption of fried food can cause indigestion, which can lead to stomach irritation, gas, abdominal heaviness and nausea.
Low intake of fiber rich foods can cause stomach irritation. Consumption of foods without fiber can cause problems like constipation in the stomach. During which there may be a problem of stomach irritation.
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Consuming too much salt and pepper can cause stomach irritation. Also consuming hot taseer foods simultaneously can cause stomach irritation.

Excessive consumption of tea or caffeinated drinks can cause stomach irritation. Because excessive intake of tea or caffeinated drinks causes gas. Which can cause stomach irritation and heartburn.
Sometimes wounds occur in the inner layer of the stomach. Which causes irritation in the stomach of the person. In this case, consumption of spicy food causes unbearable irritation.
Excessive food or overeating before bedtime causes stomach irritation. Because excessive food causes pressure in the stomach, which can cause stomach irritation. Also overeating of fast food can cause stomach irritation.



Ways to relieve stomach irritation (Remedies to Relieve Stomach Irritation in hindi)
Consuming high amounts of fiber-rich fruits and vegetables helps in relieving stomach irritation. Consumption of fibre rich fruits and vegetables improves digestion, digesting food well. Which helps in preventing stomach irritation as well as maintaining the digestive system.
A glass of cold milk can be consumed to remove stomach irritation or acidity. Which helps in curing stomach irritation as well as heartburn.
Have dinner at night, one to two hours before bedtime. It helps in keeping weight normal as well as relieving stomach irritation. Also avoid eating too much food at night.
Yoga can be done to remove the problem of stomach irritation. Do Vrasana and Mudrasana Yoga for 10 to 15 minutes daily. It helps in removing stomach irritation as well as other stomach problems.
Banana intake is beneficial to reduce stomach irritation.

When you have stomach irritation, consume a banana. Banana is a natural antacid fruit which helps in instant healing of stomach irritation. Daily consumption of bananas can prevent stomach problems.
To overcome the problem of stomach irritation, consume more than 3 litres of water in at least one day. It cures stomach irritation as well as prevents many physical problems.
To relieve stomach irritation, avoid drinking water 30 minutes before eating and 1 hour after eating. Doing so can prevent stomach irritation.
Drinking ginger juice mixed with honey and lemon juice can reduce stomach irritation. Ginger juice has antibacterial properties, which destroy harmful bacteria in the stomach and help in relieving stomach irritation.


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