You can control high blood pressure even without medicine, include these exercises in lifestyle high blood pressure getting active to control high blood pressure

By | May 17, 2021


If you are a patient of high blood pressure and the doctor has a complete list of medicines, you will definitely be worried. In that case, if you are thinking of controlling your blood pressure without medication, you can do so by exercising your lifestyle. In fact, physical activity not only controls your blood pressure or hypertension, it also reduces your weight. Not only this, with the help of exercise you can improve your mental health and the effect of all these good things on your blood pressure. So, let’s find out how we can fix our high blood pressure without drugs by incorporating excise into our lifestyle. Best Is Cardio Exercise Cardio exercise is considered to be the best exercise for our heart. It is very helpful in increasing the blood flow in our body. Cardio exercise burns a lot of calories, which keeps our heart healthy. In that case, if you are struggling with high blood pressure, you should do cardio exercise every day. You can start with a jumping exercise or PT exercise at home. In addition morning or evening walks, dancing, rope jumping, swimming, cycling etc. are also included in the cardio exercise which is very beneficial for your heart and blood flow.

Strength training burns a large amount of calories, which is essential for patients with high blood pressure. Strength training also strengthens muscles and bones so that you are able to do more slow heart exercises. Before getting strength training, it is best to seek the help of a trainer. Starting in the morning, people with high blood pressure can do strenuous exercise. It controls blood pressure but it is important to know the right way to do it before doing so. You can consult your doctor or healthcare provider for this. You can also do stretching and fit your heart with the help of yoga and asanas. Use stairs instead of elevators The best way to lower blood pressure and keep your heart healthy is to use stairs. If you use the stairs to climb into your apartment or office every day, it burns a lot of calories that directly affect the heart. So for maximum climbing, use the stairs instead of the elevator. Accordingly, certain activities are necessary to maintain good heart, lung and blood circulation. One and a half hours of physical activity per week is essential. If you watch day to day, take 5 hours a day for half an hour for physical activity. You can also break it into smaller pieces. – Requires flexibility and strength exercises. Two days of strength training is essential. It is important to warm up before exercise and cool down after exercise.

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