WHO Which mask is best for covid 19 protection medical masks or fabric masks who shares guidelines

By | May 17, 2021

To control the spread of the corona epidemic, experts around the world are urging people to wear masks regularly. People are also using masks to protect themselves from infection. But with so many different types of masks available on the market, there is a question in everyone’s mind as to which mask will be most effective in preventing corona infection. Between all the information and arguments, people are skeptical about what mask they need to wear. So let us know what the World Health Organization (WHO) says on this subject. Explain that the WHO has issued safety guidelines from Kovid-19 and explained in detail about medical masks and fabric masks. Let’s find out. When Wearing Medical or Surgical Masks The WHO has shared guidelines in masks that medical masks or surgical masks need to be worn by people who are health professionals and care for patients. In addition, this mask is also useful for those who are showing symptoms of Covid-19 in themselves and who suspect that someone close to them may be infected. In addition, if someone in the family has a corona and they are living together, they should also wear a medical mask. The health organization also recommends this mask to people over the age of 60 and the sick. People who are in high-risk areas and find it difficult to maintain a distance of one meter are advised to wear a medical or surgical mask. In this era of epidemics, fabric masks or fabric masks have emerged as an important choice all over the world. According to WHO guidelines, fabric masks or cloth masks should be worn by people who do not have the symptoms of Covid-19. It can be worn in places where a distance of one meter can be maintained. It can also be worn on public transport, metro, bus, etc. It can also be worn at work. Keep these things in mind when wearing a mask
Many times people wear masks but there is no point in wearing such a mask. Some people wear a mask around their neck, while others just keep their nose closed. Many people cover their mouths with only a small cloth which is of no use. Not only that, people wear the same mask continuously for several days without washing, which increases the infection instead of decreasing it.

Learn the right way to apply and remove masks. 1. According to WHO, wash your hands thoroughly before applying the mask. 2. Make sure the mask covers the nose and mouth properly. 3. After touching the mask, do not touch it repeatedly with your hands. 4. If you want to touch the mask, first clean your hands thoroughly or clean them with soap. Only then touch the mask. 5. Never touch the mask if you want to remove it. Remove it from the side of the ear. 6. After removing the mask, put it in the soap solution or if it is not reusable, wrap it in some paper and put it in the dustbin. 7. After touching the mask, wash or clean hands thoroughly with soap. 8. Clean the fabric mask in warm water and soap.

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