Tips for Period Pain : 7 effective ayurvedic remedies to reduce period pain

By | September 5, 2021

Tips for Period Pain: Women face a variety of problems during their periods (Menstrual Cycle). Every woman has different periods, someone has it painless, while someone complains of severe pain, swelling and vomiting during this time. This period is not only physically disturbing, but also causes mental distress. Specialists point out that relying on drugs provides relief for a while, but you need to work on your internal health to treat the root cause of this problem.

Ayurvedic doctor Dr Alka Vijayan recently shared some effective tips on Instagram, Indian reported.  You can include it in your daily routine to get long relief from cramps and pain during periods.

Dr. Alka says, “These measures are not going to be cured immediately, but it is definitely effective in keeping your air under control.


He added, ‘These are the little things that our grandparents used to include in cooking every day, which maintained the health of her and her daughter’s uterus.  Unfortunately, we brushed aside these measures thinking that they are not modern or that many ‘studies’ have not yet been conducted to prove them useful.

Dr. Alka has given 7 tips

– Drink fennel tea

– Use sesame oil for cooking

– Massage the body daily with sesame oil

– Include more cumin seeds, fennel in cooking

– Avoid workouts during periods

– Do routine exercises for the rest of the day.

– Reduce intake of sugar and sweets

According to Dr. Alka, “There are clear reasons in Ayurveda as to why and how these kitchen options help in controlling vata or uterine contractions (Uterine Contractions) ” Will you try them now?


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