Papa Murphy’s Specials

By | May 4, 2021

How to Bake a 12 inch Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza in the Toaster Oven

everybody thanks for stopping in I just came back from Papa Murphy’s the taking baked pizza place and I picked up a12-inch pizza there and I’m going to tryto cook it in my toaster ovenI can couldn’t see where anybody else had done that so let’s get toasting sothis is the pizzas that I bought it’s a12-inch chicken garlic and one of these is $12it’s a little more expensive to buy the smaller one because for two more bucks you can get a family size which is a 16inch pizza so it’s a little more expensive to buy it this way but Iwanted to see how it would come out in atoaster oven now my toaster oven around in the back see this is the rack out of it and so what 12-inch pizza should fit in there just right so let meget this thing unwrapped and we’ll getit in the toaster oven one more thinghere the width of my toaster oven is 12inches and across this pizza tray is twelve and a half inches.

Papa Murphy's Specials

Papa Murphy’s Specials

so that’s goingto be a tight squeeze but we’ll see whathappens you cook these at 425 degrees Ididn’t really have to bother preheat inthis little oven so is it going to fitlet’s see look at that it’s a tightsqueeze but it fits right in thereperfect says to cook these 12 to 18minutes spend about 12 or so rightso let’s take a peek here wow that lookspretty good I think I can get that outof there now okay I just pulled this outand it looks good crust is slightlydarker in the back and in the frontI didn’t rotate it in the oven oranything but looks like it cooked prettyevenly okay so after tasting this here’swhat happened it came out a littledoughy on the bottom the crust wasn’treally cooked enough so I cooked atabout 13 minutes it said 12 to 18 Ithink what I would do if I tried itagain is rotate the pizza so the frontpart of it is in the back of the ovenabout halfway through and just let itcook longer and it might work prettygood that way I mean we still ate itstill pretty good but it’s just kind ofthe crust is just a little undercookedso maybe I’ll have to give it anothertry and make another video I probablystill put this one up though cuz hey itit was the start of an experiment can’tbe perfect every time okay it’s the nextday and I just went got another pizzagot the same exact pizza I’m going tochange two things when I cook it solet’s get going here I was fiddlingaround with the oven last night and Ididn’t realize that you can put the rackway down here at the bottom so by doingthat the crust should cook better andthe other thing I’m going to do is afterthe pizzas cook for about eight or tenminutes rotate it 180 degrees becausethe back of the oven gets hotter thanthe front here goes round two let’s seewhat happensokay it’s been about nine minutes timeto do the 180 degree rotation oh it’shot hot hot hot Wow should use a gloveyou’re not always the smartest tool inthe shed but okay there we goall right it’s been about 17 minuteslet’s take a peek herewell that looks pretty good to me Ithink I’m going to get that out of therenow this one looks like it turned outpretty good better than the oneyesterday.

I think I’ll let this cookabout 17 or 18 minutes yesterday’s wasonly about 13 minutes I think I did goodlook at the bottom of the crust comparedto yesterday’s that’s nice and cookedthere that looks goodI have to say this was a success look atthe crest nice and golden-brownsometimes you just have to fiddle aroundwith things a little bit and that’s howcooking is you got to experiment andfigure things outglad I redid it thanks for watching youguys and I’ll talk to you next time

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