Make natural lip plumper with cinnamon to make lips beautiful and bigger, learn the way

By | November 7, 2021
Make natural lip plumper with cinnamon to make lips beautiful and bigger, learn the way

If you want big and attractive lips then you don’t necessarily have to undergo surgery for this. You can also make homemade lip plumper from cinnamon at home.

Naturally some women have thin enough lips with no harm. But nowadays we are so caught up in the ongoing trends and social media traps that most women prefer to have bigger and fuller lips. If you also want to make your lips look bigger then there are many ways available which include Derma filler, plastic surgery etc. Which not everyone can afford. But by not putting extra weight on your pocket, you can get the lips you want for a while even using cinnamon. Actually cinnamon contains Cassia oil. This is a cooling element that does not harm your skin, although sometimes there may be some irritation in your mucous case. After applying it, the blood circulation of the lips increases and the size of your lips increases. That’s why we bring you some cinnamon home remedies that can make your lips look pretty.


1. Cinnamon leaves oil and shea butter (Cinnamon and Shea Butter Lip Plumper)

You have to add two to three drops of cinnamon leaves oil to the shea butter to make this plumper.
Mix them well and apply on your lips.
You can also use it as a lip balm if you want.
After two to three minutes of massage, you wash it off with water.
This will make your lips look soft and even a little fuller over time.

2. Ground cinnamon and petroleum jelly (Petroleum Jelly with Cinnamon Powder Lip Plumper )

To make this plumper you need to add a little petroleum jelly to the cinnamon powder.
With this mixture, massage your lips for two to three minutes.
After some time remove this paste from your lips with the help of a cloth.
After this, use lip balm.


3. Cinnamon and ginger Lip Plumper

Take a pot and add a little cinnamon powder, ginger powder, two drops of peppermint essential oil and a little coconut oil to it
Mix all the things together well.
Now apply it on your lips and wash it off after two to 5 minutes of massage.
This may make your lips a little irritated but this mixture will be good enough for your blood flow


4. Cinnamon and salt Lip Plumper

First take cinnamon powder
Add olive oil to it.
Now add a little salt to this mixture
Blend it.
Apply this paste on your lips and massage gently.
Let it stay on the lips for 5 minutes and wash after that.
This will make your lips moisturized as well as plump.

5. Cinnamon and olive oil Lip Plumper

Put the cinnamon stick in a jar.
Sprinkle olive oil over them so that the sticks are completely soaked in oil.
Now set these sticks aside for one to two weeks so that they have a different color.
Now apply this oil on your lips and massage it.
This will also help your lips grow and moisturize your lips.
In addition, you can also make a lip scrub from cinnamon to get rid of the blackness of the lips, the way we are telling you next.
Cinnamon and Sugar Lip Scrub
Take a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, a teaspoon of sugar, a teaspoon of coconut oil
Mix all the ingredients together.
Put all in a separate jar.
With the help of your finger, massage it on the lips for 5 to 10 minutes.
This scrub will exfoliate your lips well and remove all your dead skin cells.

Using all these plumper will keep your lips a little bit bigger and plump for a while. So we can say it happens a temporary way.

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