Health News know the health benefits of kali gajar black carrot lak

By | January 2, 2022

Health News know the health benefits of kali gajar black carrot lak

Health benefits of Kaali Gajar: people usually only know about red or orange carrot but there is little information about black carrot (Kali Gajar). However, black carrots originated in India, Afghanistan and Turkey. Today black carrots are grown in every parts of the world. Orange or yellow carrots have a ruddy colour due to beta carotene, but black carrots have anthocyanin chemical which causes it to turn black. You can get some extra benefits from black carrots as compared to orange carrots. Black carrots have the ability to eliminate cancer cells.

The taste of black carrots is also better than orange carrots. It also has a good sweetness. It remains spicy in the mouth for a long time after eating. Black carrots contain nutrients such as fiber, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, manganese, vitamin B, which is very beneficial for good health. Let’s get to know the benefits of black carrots.

The benefits of black carrots

Boosts digestive system

According to the TOI News, black carrots contain plenty of dietary fiber which boosts the digestive system. It is used to cleanse the blood and improve blood circulation. Black carrot cures ailments like constipation, gas, blotting, burning sensation in chest, discomfort, diarrhea.

Boosts immunity

Consumption of black carrots boosts immunity in the body. Black carrots have the ability to eliminate both bacteria and viruses. It also protects against cold and flu. It contains vitamin C which increases the number of white blood cells in the blood. Due to this, the body is protected from external infection or disease.

Lowers cancer risk

The best part is that black carrots have the ability to eliminate cancer cells. Because it contains anthocyanin chemical which is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, many antioxidants in it protect the body from free radicals. It prevents cancer factor particles from entering the body.

Increases eyesight

Like orange carrots, black carrots are found in plenty of vitamin A. Vitamin A improves eyesight.  It also contains beta carotene which is beneficial for eyesight. Regular consumption can reduce the number of glasses and increase eyesight.

Also protects against Alzheimer’s
Some studies have stated that consumption of black carrots is also able to protect against Alzheimer’s. It has a lower risk of developing neurological diseases. For this, the anti-inflammatory and anthocyanin present in carrots plays an important role.

(Disclaimer: The Information and information in this article are based on common assumptions. does not confirm these. Please contact the relevant specialist before executing these.)

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