Health News How to Protect Your Baby From Cold Weather Know the Tips

By | December 28, 2021

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Tips to protect your baby from cold weather: Most parts of North India are having a cold winter. There is also an outbreak of cold weather somewhere. When winter comes, there are many troubles.In these, children and the elderly face the most problems. In this case, as soon as the mercury rolls, it becomes very important to take extra care of the children. Children do not develop body fat as much as adults do. Due to this children’s body becomes unable to tolerate cold. Children’s body heat is also removed much sooner than adults. In this case, children need to dress in several layers.

Health News How to Protect Your Baby From Cold Weather Know the Tips

Health News How to Protect Your Baby From Cold Weather Know the Tips

Tips for warming your baby in winter

According to the news published in HT, children need to cover the entire body first to protect them from the cold. In winter, the baby should wear hats, stockings and gloves. However, be careful not to over-dress the baby in order to protect it from the cold. This will make the child feel uncomfortable.
It is a good thing to sunbathe babies during the day, but do not take newborns in the sun too early in the morning and evening.
Do not take children out at night during the winter season if possible. If you need to leave, cover the baby well. Always stick to your own body while taking the baby out.
The temperature of the House should be balanced if there is a baby in the house during the winter season. At the same time the ventilation system should be adequate. The lighting in the House should also be properly managed.

Give massage to children regularly in winter. Although children are massaged for centuries in our country, this is rarely seen in cities. In winter, babies should do a hot massage every now and then.
You can use mustard oil, olive oil and almond oil for massage. Mix them and use them. Massage the children at least twice after bathing and before bedtime.
Breast milk is the best diet for newborns. It also protects against colds. This increases immunity in infants. Therefore, the mother should eat more hot soups, salads, green vegetables, millet, corn during the winter season.
Apart from all these tips, it is also important to take care of hygiene around children. In winter, every baby needs to be protected from infection.


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