Dry Ginger or Sonth Benefits for Health

By | December 14, 2021

Dry Ginger Benefits: you know, ginger is very beneficial for health. But let’s say that the dried form of ginger brings health benefits even more than ginger which is called Dry ginger. Many properties are found in ginger like fiber, sodium, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, folate, fatty acids. Those who play a good role in alleviating many health problems.

Dry Ginger or Sonth Benefits for Health

Dry Ginger or Sonth Benefits for Health

Let’s get to know what benefits Sona gives to health and how to use SONA in which problems. So you can also use this affordable thing to address your problems.

Benefits of sore throat

In case of cold and cold, it is beneficial to consume sootpak in case of cold.

In removing the discomfort of pitta, the intake of Sona also gives great relief.



It also helps to remove the gas-indigestion problem and also helps in digesting food.

Eating snot also removes the problem of kapha.

The use of Sona also relieves the discomfort of vata dosha.

This way can gingers consume

In case of stomach twitching or loose motion, it is difficult to take the powder with lukewarm water.

The powder can be taken with lukewarm water to relieve indigestion and gas discomfort.

If you don’t have any appetite problems, use dry powder mixed with rock salt to remove hunger pangs.


Dry Ginger or Sonth Benefits for Health


It also helps to relieve the discomfort of vomiting, sour belching and flatulence.In case of cold and cough, it is also possible to get rid of these problems by eating ginger powder with lukewarm water.

Do not use these remedies

It should be avoided during pregnancy as the head of the baby is very hot.

Even if one has body irritation or any kind of injury or wound in the body, one should not consume Sona.

Sore should not be consumed on hot summer days

In case of fever due to increased pitta, you should not eat too much.

In case of bleeding from the nose, you should also avoid the use of snot.


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