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By | August 22, 2021

Advantages and Disadvantages of BlackBerry (Blackberry ke fayde aur nuksan): BlackBerry has many advantages and disadvantages. BlackBerry (Blackberry) is a fruit that is delicious as well as extremely beneficial for health. BlackBerry is grown more in the coastal areas of North America and the Pacific Ocean.


Advantages and Disadvantages of BlackBerry (Advantages and disadvantages of blackberry )
BlackBerry taseer is cold which cools the body. BlackBerry contains a variety of nutrients due to which it is also used in various types of diseases. The leaves, roots, stem and bark of the BlackBerry tree can all be used.

Nutrients found in BlackBerry
BlackBerry contains nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, zinc, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, fiber, amino acids etc.




How to consume BlackBerry-
BlackBerry can be used to make cakes, sauces and casserole.
BlackBerry can be eaten by adding it to the vegetable.
By making blackberry chutney.
By making blackberry juice.
Benefits of BlackBerry (Benefits of blackberry )
Consuming BlackBerry helps a lot in reducing the symptoms of diseases like diabetes. BlackBerry is rich in potassium which increases insulin levels in the body. Increased insulin in the body lowers the level of sugar in the blood thereby relieving the problem of diabetes. Diabetics benefit greatly from consuming BlackBerry.
The use of BlackBerry increases the immunity of the body thereby reducing the risk scarof various diseases. In fact, BlackBerry is rich in essential minerals, vitamins and phytoestrogens (Phytoestrogen) that strengthen the body’s immune system.

In addition, regular consumption of BlackBerry also helps in preventing dangers from various types of infections.
The use of BlackBerry can reduce the risk of a deadly disease like cancer. BlackBerry contains antioxidants, anthokinin (Anthocyanin) that prevent cancer cells from developing in the body. Regular consumption of BlackBerry helps a lot in preventing colon cancer (rectal cancer), esophageal cancer and lung cancer. In addition, consuming fresh BlackBerry can also prevent tumor growth.
Using BlackBerry improves brain health. Many studies have found that polyphenolic elements (Polyphenolic elements) present in BlackBerry work to improve the cognitive functions of the body, thereby increasing memory and also keeping the brain functioning active.

The use of blackberry strengthens the bones. BlackBerry is rich in calcium and magnesium which play an important role in keeping bones healthy and strong. Moreover, magnesium present in BlackBerry helps in absorption of calcium and potassium in the body which greatly benefits the body.
The use of BlackBerry increases eyesight thereby relieving the problem of weak eyes. BlackBerry is rich in lutein which is extremely beneficial for the eyes. In addition, regular use of BlackBerry protects the retina of the eyes from harmful rays of the sun, thereby preventing damage to the eyes from oxidative stress. In addition, vitamins and anthocyanin side (anthocyanin side) present in BlackBerry are extremely effective in preventing eye diseases.

Consuming BlackBerry during pregnancy is considered extremely beneficial. BlackBerry contains folate content which greatly benefits pregnant women. Consuming BlackBerry can reduce the risks of birth defects. In addition, antioxidants and vitamins present in BlackBerry C increase the ability of pregnant women to fight the disease, which greatly benefits pregnant women.
The use of BlackBerry keeps the skin clean and shiny. BlackBerry contains vitamin E, vitamin C and powerful antioxidants which have a very positive effect on skin health. Regular consumption of BlackBerry relieves the problem of skin wrinkles. In addition, antioxidants present in BlackBerry protect skin cells from harmful sun rays (UV-Rays) that keep the skin alive for a long time.

The use of BlackBerry improves hair health. The vitamins present in BlackBerry help in the formation of C collagen which strengthens the roots of the hair. In addition, applying blackberry extract shaves the hair shiny and thick to relieve hair problems.
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Disadvantages of BlackBerry (Losses of blackberry )
Excessive consumption of BlackBerry can lead to digestive problems. BlackBerry is rich in fiber which can lead to diarrhea, vomiting and sour belching.
Excessive use of blackberry can increase the problem of bleeding. BlackBerry has blood thinning properties. In this case, people who already take blood thinners should avoid excessive consumption of BlackBerry.

People with allergy problems must consult a doctor before consuming too much blackberry.
Milk should not be consumed immediately after eating BlackBerry. This can lead to constipation in the stomach.
Diabetics should not overconsume BlackBerry as it contains phosphorus content which can add to the woes of diabetics.

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