Best Green Tea For Weight Loss

By | April 27, 2021

So many benefits of green tea – BENEFITS OF GREEN TEA
Health Desk – Green Tea i.e. Benefits and Intake of Green Tea
Green tea or green tea is considered very beneficial in Indian medical therapy.
Green tea controls your blood pressure and also helps in correcting injury, correcting digestion, improving heart and mental health. This tea also manages the temperature of your body. Many medication reports also say that this tea also helps you lose weight and obesity continues to be a major lifestyle problem for everyone today. It also helps in avoiding type 2 sugar, alzheimer’s and many other diseases. Overall, these teas are very beneficial for you. Green tea is also a great help for your fitness. This not only helps in fighting chronic diseases but also helps in staying fit. Taking green tea daily can remove many of your problems and is also very beneficial.

So many benefits of green tea - BENEFITS OF GREEN

So many benefits of green tea – BENEFITS OF GREEN

Find out how green tea is helpful

Find out how green tea is helpful –
1.Weight: Drinking it daily reduces the habitat in the body and reduces belly fat. This leads to weight loss.
2. Hair and Teeth: Oxidants included in green tea reduce hair fall and prevent tooth decay. Because of the benefits of green tea, we should consume it instead of normal tea.
3. Sugar and Cholesterol: Green tea helps in controlling sugar and daily intake also reduces cholesterol.
4. Blood Pressure: Green tea also controls blood pressure and reduces the aging of the drinker to some extent.
5. Anti-cancer: Fewer people know about green tea that it is also helpful in preventing cancer and strengthens bones.

green tea a too:
Drinking green tea in large quantities also causes some damage as it contains caffeine. These include:
-Stomach upset
– Urine overcoming
-Loss of sleep
Right time to drink green tea

Right time to drink green tea:
– It should not be taken as soon as you wake up and have breakfast
– Don’t take green tea an hour after breakfast and afternoon send
– Don’t drink late night as caffeine can reduce sleep
– Do drink it before exercise, which will increase your stamina

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