What Is a Fruit That Starts With ‘r’?

By | March 7, 2021

Fruits That Start With R
Fruits That Start With R – Here is the list of fruits with name that start with R, most of the fruit in the list below are tropical fruits like rambutan, rose apple and more.

fruits that start with r

8 Fruits That Start With R

Rambutan Fruit
rambutan fruit images wallpaper
Rambutan fruit tree scientific name is Nephelium lappaceum. Rambutan is a fruit tree native to Southeast Asia like Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Thailand and Srilanka.

The word “rambutan” comes from the form of a fruit that has skin with many hairs (in Indonesia and Malaysia hairs mean rambut).

There was more than 10 rambutan cultivars and right now another tropical region also grown this fruit for commercially like Africa, India, Central America and Caribbean.

What is a fruit that starts with 'R



In Southeast Asia country like Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, rambutan in very popular garden tree and propagated commercially in small orchards.
Rangpur Fruit
rangpur fruit images wallpaper
Rangpur fruit is a hybrid fruit cross between mandarin orange and lemon from genus Citrus and they scientific name is Citrus × limonia.

The name “rangpur” is come from some area in Bangladesh where they known as the first place who grown this fruit tree.

This fruit can be found in Bangladesh, India, China, Japan And Brazil.

Rangpur fruit taste is very acidic and they appearance (peel and flesh) are like oranges.

Because they highly acidic taste, rangpur fruit is commercially grown to substitute limes.

In other region rangpur also called with other name such as : sharbati, gandhraj, sylhet lime, surkh nimbo, canton lemon, hime lemon, mandarin lime and limao capeta.
Raspberry Fruit
raspberry fruit images wallpaper
Raspberry fruit tree scientific name is Rubus. Raspberry is a plant from genus Rubus of the rose family with many species (more than 15 raspberry species around the world) and cultivars.

Raspberries are perennial plant with woody stems and the most cultivated raspberry for commercial are Eurasian red raspberry.

The most country produce raspberries are Russia, followed by Poland, United States, Serbia and Mexico.

Most raspberries are marketed as fresh fruit but partially are marketed as juice, dried fruit and quick frozen fruit.
Red Mombin Fruit
red Mombin fruit images wallpaper
Red Mombin fruit tree scientific name is Spondias purpurea
Riberry Fruit
riberry fruit images wallpaper
Riberry fruit tree scientific name is Syzygium luehmannii
Rollinia Fruit
rollinia fruit images wallpaper
Rollinia fruit tree scientific name is Rollinia mucosa
Rose Apple Fruit
rose apple fruit images wallpaper
Rose apple fruit tree scientific name is Syzygium jambos
Rose Hips Fruit
rose hips fruit images wallpaper
Rose hips fruit tree scientific name is Rosa

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