Mix sauce pasta recipe in hindi sunday special

By | December 19, 2021

Mix sauce pasta recipe in hindi sunday special

Mix Sauce Pasta recipe: kids or adults, everyone is waiting for Sunday. Whether it’s hanging out with friends, spending time with family or making something fun to eat at home. If you also want to make this day special, make mix Sauce Pasta at home, sit with family and spend some memorable moments with them.

You can also teach this recipe to kids. So that they can learn cooking while having fun and deepen your friendship relationship. Mix Sauce pasta recipe

Mix sauce what is needed to make pasta?
150 g pasta (Pasta)
1 large and finely chopped tomato
2 large and finely chopped onions (Onion)
1 teaspoon garlic paste
Half small low tomato puree (Tomato puree)
Half a small cup of Cream
2 chopped capsicum (Capsicum)
2 tablespoons butter
Salt to taste
½ Teaspoon oregano (Oregano)
1 teaspoon chili flakes (Chilli flakes)

Mix sauce pasta recipe in hindi sunday special

Mix sauce pasta recipe in hindi sunday special

How to make mix Sauce pasta (Mix Sauce Pasta Recipe)

To make mix Sauce Pasta, first take a pan and add water, 2 pinches of salt and boil the pasta. You can add a little oil to it so that it does not stick. Pasta is cooked as much as they don’t choke. Now remove the water from it. Then place a pan on the gas and add the butter. Then add the garlic paste. Add chopped onion and capsicum. Then add tomatoes. You can also add your favorite vegetables if you want. Sweet corn can also be added. Then let these vegetables cook. Now add tomato puree and mix. Add salt and chilli flakes. You can also add red chilli powder if chili flakes are not at home. Turn on its flame SIM.


Prepare the white sauce in a pan on the other side. Put butter in a pan for that. Add finely chopped garlic or their Paste. Now add a little flour. Add the oregano, salt and pepper and mix well. Add the pasta to this sauce and cook for 1 minute after mixing. Then turn off the gas and serve hot pasta.

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