Know Curd Rice Benefits- Kard Rice: Not only cool drinks but also cool food is essential to reduce the effect of heat

By | April 17, 2021

Kard Rice is the famous dish of South Indian. It has a lot of healthy benefits.

Know Curd Rice Benefits- Curd rice is mainly eaten in India and its origin is also from here. It is used as staple food in South India.

Know Curd Rice Benefits- I’ve been discussing the heat continuously for the past few days. Most of it I have focused on what to drink to ward off the heat. But, let’s also discuss some food today. Summer days are underway and sometimes the weather is changing its stance too. It’s not a big deal to have a stomach problem.

The second blow to the corona is going on and people are also being appealed to stay indoors. In such a situation, the shame is walking, etc., is also getting less. So, you should not only use a special drink to drink, but there should also be things that are better for both stomach and heat. So Let’s talk about curd-rice, that is, curd rice.

‘Pyaar Mohabbat Sherbet’ to bring relief from delhi’s scorching heat So it looks quite simple dish and it is easy to make. There are just a few things that are used to temper with curd and rice. In any case, only curd rice is enough. Also, after adding green chillies and coriander, just add mustard and chilli to it.

Curd rice is mainly eaten in India and its origin is also from here. It is used as staple food in South India. It is eaten heavily in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh as well as Maharashtra. The type of tempering of it definitely changes a little.

To make it, mix boiled rice with sour curd. Then add urad dal, rye, ginger, cumin seeds and asafoetida. A red chilli also adds to its flavour. Add salt to it to the best of your taste. Your curd-rice is ready. It can be eaten with relish for breakfast and lunch.

Its spiritual importance is also great. It is offered as prasad in many temples in South India. It is because of its sattvik qualities that it has found a place in temples. With the stomach it is also quite better for your health. One or two days a week you can now place it in your kitchen.


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