Increase the Taste of Your Food With These Grandma Tips People Will Praise Pur

By | April 3, 2021

Make Your Food Tasty: Mother’s hand meal is the same as nectar. There is also a different talk about the food of the grandmother or grandmother’s hands. We can’t forget that taste, even if we want. Whether it is everyday tea or a particular dish. The food prepared from grandma/grandmother’s prescriptions is not only made from special spices but also served with love in food. The best spices are also flavoured with these recipes of grandma and grandmother. Let’s tell you about some of the domestic prescriptions that increase the taste of food by 10 times.


-Potato capsicum vegetable you may have eaten many times but if you want a unique flavour, add the capsicum to the vegetable after half of the potato is cooked and use the pinch of magic at the end. It’s a pinch of magic a little red chili powder. Whenever you make a vegetable, add the red chili powder only after the vegetable is fully prepared and cover the gas as soon as it is mixed in the vegetable.

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-If you want your loaves to become soft, knead the dough with warm water or lukewarm milk. Add a little salt. Always give the dough a time of at least 15 to 20 minutes to set it.-If you are making Punjabi chickpeas, remember that while soaking the kabuli chana in water at night, add two tablespoons of gram and boil it together in the morning. Punjabi Chhole’s gravy will be good. Also, adding andana powder to Punjabi chickpeas will make the chickpeas look exactly like a market.

-Make Rajma whenever you make it in desi ghee. This greatly increases the taste of Rajma.

-Add grated ginger, green chillies and coriander leaves while preparing the solution while making gram flour. Also, add a little fenugreek seeds to the gram flour. The taste of this kadhi will be remembered by people for a long time.

-The hardest thing to do while making carrot pudding is to cook carrots at the end. If you finally mix 1/2 cup of coconut in the carrot pudding, the carrot pudding will be made quickly and it will not have to work hard to dry. Cut one to two carrots into small pieces in carrot pudding. Do not grate all the carrots, which will greatly enhance your flavour.

-Semolina pudding is made by everyone but very few people know what is the right way to make this pudding. While making semolina pudding, first roast the semolina in desi ghee on a slow flame. Then create a syrup. Take 3 times the water and sugar equal to the semolina as much as it is to make the syrup. When sugar and water dissolve well, start mixing the semolina slowly. If you want to make your pudding special, sauté it in as much desi ghee as you have taken. However, doing so will make the calories in the pudding more so make it on special occasions.

-Potato gravy vegetable, or Punjabi kadhi, the flavour of all this is greatly flavoured by the choppy pouring of desi ghee. If you don’t have coriander leaves which are often in summer, you can use Kasuri Methi. Add hing, cumin seeds and whole red chillies in desi ghee.

-If you are making a vegetable with gravy and you feel that your gravy is left thin, grate the boiled potatoes into it. The gravy of the vegetable will be corrected.

-Let the milk cook on low flame for a while after it boils. It does not fear immediate bursting of milk. But in the summer season, this recipe can sometimes be deceived. If you cannot put the milk in the refrigerator for some reason, boil it and add a green cardamom. Milk won’t burst quickly.

-If you are bothered by the acidity of drinking tea, drink souf tea. If you want to make tea special, add mint leaves in the summer and make it, and the flavour will be greatly increased.

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