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Healthy Food – Know the benefits of a healthy diet?



5 Foods That Can Work Wonders For Your Sleep

For people who love the taste of fruit and vegetables, it may come as no surprise that they have the potential to improve a person’s overall health. By eating foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants, you reduce your risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and many other illnesses. Additionally, certain fruits and vegetables are known to prevent infections and boost immunity. However, while these products may sound great in theory, it isn’t always possible to eat them without having to spend money on them! Luckily, there are plenty of alternative options for those who want to enjoy their favorite foods without breaking the bank. Here are some ways to put together a balanced meal.

Healthy Food - Know the benefits of a healthy diet?

Healthy Food – Know the benefits of a healthy diet?

1 – Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are low-cost options that provide your body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs. While fresh produce is definitely the best option, frozen fruits and vegetables are also good alternatives if you don’t have access to fresh produce. Frozen produce comes at a lower price than fresh, and it doesn’t require any time or effort to prepare. There are also different types of frozen vegetables and fruits available, giving you even more variety to choose from. In fact, frozen produce tends to be more affordable than conventional grocery store produce.
2 – Whole Grains
Whole grains are often referred to as “good carbs,” and they are extremely nutritious. These foods help nourish your blood sugar levels, making them ideal for anyone who wants to control their weight. Furthermore, whole grains tend to be less expensive than refined grains, making them an excellent choice for budget-conscious individuals. You should aim to eat at least three servings of whole grain per day.
3 – Lean Meats & Fish
Meats and fish are high in protein content, which keeps your muscles strong, and they also offer you a wide range of vitamins and minerals. Lean meats (like chicken breast) are generally higher in fat than fatty cuts of meat (like pork chops), however, leaner cuts of meat still provide you with enough calories to maintain your daily caloric intake. While meat is a bit pricier than other food items, it’s worth paying a little extra for quality ingredients. If you want to save money, try buying smaller portions of meat rather than purchasing larger packages.
4 – Nuts, Seeds & Oils
Nuts, seeds, and oils are excellent sources of omega-3 fats, which help promote heart health, brain function, and vision. The benefit of nuts and seeds goes beyond just being delicious snacks; they also contain lots of fiber and protein, meaning you can stick to a healthier diet. To ensure that you get enough omega-3 fats, make sure to consume nuts and seeds regularly throughout the week.
5 – Whole Eggs
Eggs are nutrient dense foods that pack a lot of punch for your dollar. One egg contains 8 grams of protein, 6 grams of cholesterol, 8 grams of dietary fiber, and over 100 percent of your daily vitamin B12 requirement! Whole eggs are also very versatile—they can be


Following a healthy diet may seem difficult, but it is important to spend a healthy life. Nutritious and well-balanced food combined with physical activity is the foundation of good health. Healthy eating includes high – quality protein, carbohydrates, heart-healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. Healthy food can not only help maintain good health, but also help maintain weight, reduce fatigue, stay away from diseases, and survive longer. In addition, the nutrients in the foods you eat support your daily living activities, protect your cells from environmental damage, and repair any cellular damage.

In fact, eating healthy is not difficult. There are many healthy foods that are delicious, readily available and can help meet your daily nutritional needs. Here are some foods you can add to your daily diet:
1. Apples:

Free vector graphics of Cherry
Apples are rich in fiber, antioxidants and vitamin C. Antioxidants help fight free radicals. Free radicals are harmful substances produced in the body that are involved in the aging process and can cause certain diseases.

2. Eggs:

Free vector graphics of Egg
Eggs are among the most nutritious foods on the planet. One egg contains only 75 calories, but with 7 grams of high-quality protein, 5 grams of fat and 1.6 grams of saturated fat, iron, vitamins, minerals, and carotenoids. Eggs are a Powerpack of nutrients, fighting diseases, such as lutein and zeaxanthin.

3. Chicken breast:
Chicken breast is low in fat and calories, but it has more protein. It is also a great source of many other nutrients. In addition, eggs are perfect for gym diets.

4. Avocado:

Avocado is full of healthy fats rather than carbohydrates. They are creamy, tasty and high in fiber, potassium and vitamin C. Adding it to your salad can increase the absorption of important nutrients such as beta carotene.

5. Almonds:
They are rich in vitamin E, antioxidants, magnesium and fiber. Studies show almonds can help you lose weight and improve mental health.

6. Broccoli:
Broccoli is a crossface vegetable that makes it great both Raw and cooked. It is an excellent source of fiber, vitamin K and vitamin C, and has a good amount of protein compared to other vegetables. It is an excellent source of fiber, vitamin K and vitamin C, and also has a good amount of protein compared to other vegetables.

7. Garlic:
Garlic is incredibly healthy food. It contains Alikin, a bioactiv complex with powerful biological effects, including improved immune function. Garlic is a powerful disease fighter that can inhibit the growth of bacteria such as E. coli. Allicin, a compound found in garlic, works as a powerful anti-inflammatory, and is known to help lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

8. Fish and seafood:
Fish and seafood are very nutritious. They are particularly rich in omega-3 fatty acids and iodine, which are otherwise difficult to obtain in sufficient quantities. Salmon is a type of oily fish, which is incredibly popular because of its excellent taste and high nutrients, including protein and omega-3 fatty acids. It also contains some vitamin D. Tuna, oysters, shrimp, etc. are also very beneficial.

9. Oats:
Oats are incredibly healthy foods that are loaded with nutrients, and also contain powerful fibers called beta – glucans. Oatmeal can help maintain cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Oatmeal is also very rich in vitamin B, omega-3 fatty acids, folate, and potassium.

10. Blueberries:
Blueberry is rich in fiber, antioxidants and phenonutrients. They help prevent diseases and stay healthy.

11. Dark chocolate:
Dark chocolate is not only the tastiest food on this list, but it can also be the healthiest. Dark chocolate is rich in fiber and magnesium, and one of the most powerful sources of antioxidants.

12. Carrots:
Not only is it extremely tasty and crunchy, but it is a rich source of nutrients and minerals such as fiber and vitamin K. Carrots also contain carotene and are good for vision.

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गोरा होने के लिए कौन सा फल खाना चाहिए




5 Foods That Can Work Wonders For Your Sleep

फल न केवल पौष्टिक और स्वादिष्ट होते हैं, बल्कि प्रसंस्कृत खाद्य पदार्थों में पाए जाने वाले विटामिन और एंटीऑक्सिडेंट प्राप्त करने का एक शानदार तरीका है। हालांकि, कई अलग-अलग प्रकार के फलों के साथ, यह जानना मुश्किल है कि आपको किस प्रकार का फल खाना चाहिए।
कौन सा फल खाना है, यह तय करने में आपकी मदद करने के लिए यहां कुछ सुझाव दिए गए हैं!

Skin Care Do not make these mistakes while applying turmeric for glowing face

Skin Care Do not make these mistakes while applying turmeric for glowing face

1. जामुन
जामुन अत्यधिक पौष्टिक होते हैं और कई फाइबर, विटामिन सी और एंटीऑक्सीडेंट लाभ प्रदान करते हैं। स्ट्रॉबेरी को कार्डियोवैस्कुलर बीमारी को कम करने के लिए दिखाया गया है जबकि ब्लूबेरी और ब्लैक रास्पबेरी वास्तव में संज्ञानात्मक गिरावट को धीमा कर सकते हैं। ब्लूबेरी भी फोलेट का एक अच्छा स्रोत है, जो जन्म दोषों को रोकने में मदद करता है।
2. चेरी
चेरी में मूल्यवान एंथोसायनिन यौगिक होते हैं, जो उन्हें उनका चमकीला लाल रंग देते हैं। एंथोसायनिन शक्तिशाली एंटीऑक्सिडेंट हैं जो कोशिकाओं को मुक्त कणों से होने वाले नुकसान से बचाते हैं, जो शरीर में सामान्य रासायनिक प्रतिक्रियाओं के परिणामस्वरूप अस्थिर अणु होते हैं। काली चेरी में लाल चेरी की तुलना में इन यौगिकों का स्तर और भी अधिक होता है।
3. अंगूर
अंगूर में रेस्वेराट्रोल होता है, जो एक पॉलीफेनोलिक स्टिलबिन है जिसमें शक्तिशाली विरोधी भड़काऊ गुण होते हैं। अध्ययनों से पता चलता है कि यह कैंसर और हृदय की समस्याओं से लड़ने में मदद कर सकता है। लाल अंगूर में लाइकोपीन भी होता है, जो प्रतिरक्षा समारोह को बढ़ावा देने में मदद करता है। सेलुलर क्षति को रोकने के लिए ये दो फाइटोन्यूट्रिएंट एक साथ काम करते हैं।
4. कीवी
कीवी फल में ज़ेक्सैन्थिन, ल्यूटिन और बीटा-क्रिप्टोक्सैन्थिन होते हैं, जिसका अर्थ है कि वे एंटीऑक्सिडेंट में उच्च हैं। ये तीन घटक मुक्त कणों और यूवी विकिरण के कारण सेलुलर क्षति का मुकाबला करने के लिए गठबंधन करते हैं। कीवी में बीटा-कैरोटीन एक और महत्वपूर्ण एंटीऑक्सीडेंट है, जो उन्हें विटामिन ए का एक समृद्ध स्रोत बनाता है।
5. नेक्टेरिन
नेक्टेरिन में किसी भी अन्य फल की तुलना में अधिक विटामिन सी होता है। इसके अलावा, पोटेशियम, मैंगनीज, तांबा और लोहे में अमृत अधिक होता है। एक बेहतरीन मीठा नाश्ता होने के साथ-साथ, नेक्टेरिन फाइबर का एक अच्छा स्रोत है, विशेष रूप से घुलनशील फाइबर। घुलनशील फाइबर कोलेस्ट्रॉल को बांधता है और पाचन धीमा करता है।
6. नाशपाती
नाशपाती में क्वेरसेटिन होता है, जिसे संभावित कैंसर विरोधी प्रभावों से जोड़ा गया है। क्वेरसेटिन एक फ्लेवोनोइड है जो प्याज, सेब, अनार और चाय में प्रचुर मात्रा में होता है।

what fruit should i eat to be fair

Fruit is not only nutritious and delicious but also a great way to get vitamins and antioxidants that are hard to find in processed foods. However, with so many different types of fruits out there, it is hard to know what type of fruit you should be eating.
Here are some tips to help you decide which fruit to eat!
1. Berries
Berries are highly nutritious and provide numerous fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidant benefits. Strawberries have been shown to reduce cardiovascular disease while blueberries and black raspberries may actually slow cognitive decline. Blueberries are also a good source of folate, which helps prevent birth defects.
2. Cherries
Cherries contain valuable anthocyanin compounds, which give them their bright red color. Anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants that protect cells from damage caused by free radicals, which are unstable molecules resulting from normal chemical reactions in the body. Black cherries have even higher levels of these compounds than red cherries.
3. Grapes
Grapes contain resveratrol, which is a polyphenolic stilbene that contains potent anti-inflammatory properties. Studies show that it may help fight cancer and heart problems. Red grapes also contain lycopene, which helps boost immune function. These two phytonutrients work together to prevent cellular damage.
4. Kiwis
Kiwi fruit contain zeaxanthin, lutein, and beta-cryptoxanthin, which means they are high in antioxidants. These three components combine to combat cellular damage caused by free radicals and UV radiation. Beta-carotene is another important antioxidant in kiwis, making them a rich source of Vitamin A.
5. Nectarines
Nectarine contain more vitamin C than any other fruit. Also, nectarines are high in potassium, manganese, copper, and iron. As well as being a great sweet snack, nectarines are a good source of fiber, especially soluble fiber. Soluble fiber binds cholesterol and slows digestion.
6. Pears
Pears contain quercetin, which has been linked to potential anticancer effects. Quercetin is a flavonoid that is abundant in onions, apples, pomegranates, and tea.

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Egg Nutrition: how many calories, Carb and protein are in eggs, know the benefits and harms of eating eggs




Egg Nutrition
Egg nutrition is an easy way to give your cannabis plants a boost. Eggs provide many nutrients including protein, vitamin B12, lutein, choline, biotin, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, selenium, copper, iron, manganese, and iodine. These nutrients help improve the health of your plants, giving them stronger stems, fuller roots, and more dense flower buds. You should use fresh eggs, as they retain their nutritional value much longer than old ones. To ensure your eggs are fresh, make sure no to crack open the shells before using them.

Eggs, Raw, Dairy, Closeup, Rustic

After cracking open the shell, you need to separate out the yolk from the white, as they each have different uses. A cracked yolk can still be successfully used for its flavor and texture, while the whites can be eaten raw, cooked, or dehydrated. Another great thing about using egg nutrition is how cheap it is! Buy a dozen eggs whenever you want some extra nutrients for your plants, and save money at the same time.

1. Eggshells
Eggshells have been known for thousands of years for their many uses. Eggs were one of the first food items discovered and were used by ancient peoples for survival. The shell of eggs was cracked open, and the contents of the egg were eaten. These days, we still eat the yolk and white of eggs; however, they are not even close to the nutritional value of the whole egg. Eggs provide great nutrition and can benefit the body in several ways. Eggshells make a great fertilizer for plants, especially those that love acidic soil conditions. For any plants that need high levels of calcium, eggshells can help them reach their potential. Many people use these shells for building projects, but they can also be composted and fed directly to garden beds.
2. Lime
Lime is a wonderful addition to soils and provides numerous advantages to plants and gardens. Plants require calcium in order to develop strong stems, roots, and leaves. As a result, plants that lack sufficient amounts of calcium tend to be stunted and weak. Adding lime helps increase the amount of calcium available to plants, resulting in healthier ones. When using lime in soils, add up to half a cup (120 ml) per 10 gallons (40 liters). You may notice some improvement in plant growth after adding a small amount of lime to your potting mix. Be sure to add less than half a cup at a time for fear of overfertilizing your soil. There is no harm in doing so.
3. Gypsum
Gypsum is often referred to as the mother earth mineral. It is mined from the earth’s crust and contains many useful trace elements that benefit the human body, including calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, phosphorous, and sodium. In addition to being a good natural source of calcium and magnesium, gypsum has numerous other uses. Gypsum can be used as a soil amendment to improve water retention and drainage. It can also be used in mulch to suppress weeds and prevent algae growth.

Egg Nutrition: how many calories, Corb and protein are in eggs, know the benefits and harms of eating eggs

Egg Benefits and Side Effects: egg is one of the things that is most liked and eaten at breakfast. Eggs are rich in nutrition which can help provide the body with many essential elements.
Egg Benefits and Side Effects: egg is one of the things that is most liked and eaten at breakfast. Eggs are rich in nutrition that can help provide the body with many essential elements (. Using eggs is recommended for good health. Ade is considered the best source of protein. And that is why today’s young give first priority to eggs. About 99% of people in the world use eggs, although they still do not know about its advantages and disadvantages. Today we are telling you some advantages and disadvantages associated with this superfood.

Egg Sandwich, Egg, Bread, Yolk

Egg Nutrition Value and Facts:

Talking about the properties found in eggs, it contains nutrients such as potassium, niacin, riboflavin, magnesium and sodium, and in the jarde inside it, nutrients such as vitamin A, phosphorus, iron, zinc and vitamin D, folic acid, pantothenic acid and thiamine, phosphorus, omega-3 are found.

Cal 67.39 kcal

PRT 6.64 G

Fat 4.57 G

Water 38.25 g

Cholesterol 183mg

Calcium 24.72 mg

Iron 0.91 mg

Folate 24.66 MCG

The benefits of eating eggs – Anda Khane ke Fayde:
The nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids present in eggs are considered beneficial for heart patients. Consuming one egg daily can keep the heart healthy.


Egg whites are rich in protein and amino acids, which can help build muscle in the body. By consuming eggs daily, muscles can be strengthened.

Iron deficiency is fulfilled by eating the yellow part of boiled eggs. If you are iron deficient, you can include the yellow portion of boiled eggs in your diet.

The harm of eating eggs – Anda Khane Ke Nuksan:
Another study states that consuming more eggs increases LDL and HDL cholesterol levels, which can be harmful to health.

Egg consumption can play an important role in the diet of any human being. But consuming more eggs can prove harmful to health.

If a person has an increased LDL, then he should not consume eggs. Doing so can increase his cholesterol level.

DISCLAIMER: This content provides general information only, including advice. It is by no means a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your doctor for more information.  does not claim responsibility for this information.

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Vitamin D Food क्या बढ़ती उम्र पर ब्रेक लगा देता है विटामिन डी जानेंगे कैसे शामिल करें इसे अपनी डाइट में




Vitamin D Food क्या बढ़ती उम्र पर ब्रेक लगा देता है विटामिन डी जानेंगे कैसे शामिल करें इसे अपनी डाइट में

Vitamin D Food क्या बढ़ती उम्र पर ब्रेक लगा देता है विटामिन डी जानेंगे कैसे शामिल करें इसे अपनी डाइट में Does aging put a brake on Vitamin D, know how to include it in your diet

If there is any problem in the body then first of all its effect is seen on your skin. Your skin is also the first sign of aging. However, the problem is not with the outer skin but with the inner one. If the problem is internal then the solution must come from within. To avoid the effects of aging on the skin, you need proper nutrition. To avoid signs of aging on the skin, a person should eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals. This type of food can also reverse aging. Here are 6 anti-aging foods that you should include in your daily diet.

Virgin olive oil

एक्स्ट्रा वर्जिन ऑलिव ऑयल

आलिव ऑयल यानी जैतून इसमें हेल्दी फूड और बहुत ही हमारी सेहत के लिए जो महत्वपूर्ण एंटीऑक्सीडेंट होते हैं वह भी इस फूड में पाए जाते हैं इसीलिए इसे एक बहुत ही एंटी ऑक्सीडेंट का गाना माना जाता है. ऑलिव ऑयल फ्री रैडिकल इम्बैलेंस के कारण होने वाले सूजन, ऑक्सिडेटिव डैमेज, झुर्रियों आदि को कम करने में मदद करता है. ऑलिव ऑयल ओमेगा3 फैटी एसिड का भी अच्छा स्रोत है, जो त्वचा को फ्री रैडिकल डैमेज से बचाता है. ऑलिव ऑयल डाइट के कारण पुरानी बीमारियों के जोखिम को भी कम किया जा सकता है.Read More

Green tea

ग्रीन टी

एंटीऑक्सीडेंट से भरपूर डाइट का संबंध पुरानी बीमारियों के रिस्क को कम करने और स्वस्थ त्वचा से है. अगर आप अपने आहार में एंटीऑक्सीडेंट की मात्रा बढ़ाना चाहते हैं तो आपको ग्रीन टी का सेवन करना चाहिए. ग्रीन टी में प्रचुर मात्रा में एंटीऑक्सीडेंट होते हैं जो फ्री रैडिकल से लड़ने में मदद करते हैं. ग्रीन टी के त्वचा संबंधी फायदे शानदार हैं. अगर आप प्रतिदिन तीन कप तक ग्रीन टी का सेवन करते हैं तो यह सेलुलर डैमेज को ठीक करने व सेल लॉन्गीविटी बढ़ाने में मदद करती है. त्वचा में नई जान लाने के लिए त्वचा पर भी ग्रीन टी बैग का इस्तेमाल किया जा सकता है.Read More

Dark Chocolates

डार्क चॉकलेट

चॉकलेट किसे नहीं पसंद होती है. हर कोई चॉकलेट के मीठे और हल्के कड़वे टेस्ट को पसंद करता है. खासतौर पर डार्क चॉकलेट में बेरीज के मुकाबले ज्यादा एंटीऑक्सीडेंट होते हैं. सीमित मात्रा में डार्क चॉकलेट खाने से इसके एंटी एजिंग लाभ मिल सकते हैं. इनमें कोकोवा फ्लैवनॉल्स भरपूर मात्रा में होते हैं, जो सूर्य से त्वचा की रक्षा करने वाले एंटीऑक्सीडेंट का खजाना हैं. त्वचा में ब्लड फ्लो बढ़ाकर यह उसकी रक्षा करते हैं और त्वचा को पोषण व नमी देते हैं.


बीज या नट्स

अपने दैनिक आहार में नट्स यानी बीज शामिल करने बहुत जरूरी है. बीजों में कई तरह के पोषक तत्व, प्रोटीन, विटामिन ई, एसेंशियल ऑयल, खनिज और एंटीऑक्सीडेंट होते हैं. बादाम और अखरोट में विटामिनई प्रचुर मात्रा में पाया जाता है, जो सूर्यी की यूवी किरणों से आपकी त्वचा की रक्षा करता है. विटामिनई आपकी त्वचा को मजबूती देने के साथ ही उसमें चमक भी लाता है. बीजों के सेवन से दिमागी गतिविधियां अच्छी होती हैं और दिमाग एक्टिव हो जाता है. इनसे शरीर एक्टिव रहता है और आलस्य दूर भाग जाता है.

Fatty fish

फैटी फिश

साल्मन, मकरैल और टूना जैसी फैटी मछलियां ओमेगा 3 फैटी एसिड से भरपूर होती हैं. ओमेगा3 फैटी एसिड त्वचा की चमक को बरकरार रखने के लिए बहुत जरूरी होता है. यह फैटी एसिड त्वचा को मजबूती देते हैं और सूजन को कम करने में मदद करता है, जिसके कारण त्वचा को नुकसान पहुंचता है. यह फैट त्वचा में नमी बनाए रखने और सूजन को कम करने में मददगार है. इन मछलियों में विटामिन ई और जिंक भी होता है जो घावों को जल्द भरने में मदद करते हैं.



नियमित तौर पर कीवी का सेवन करने से त्वचा पर बनने वाली महीन रेखाओं और झुर्रियों से राहत मिलती है. कीवी में नींबू और संतरे से लगभग दोगुना तक विटामिन सी पाया जाता है. विटामिन सी एक बहुत ही शक्तिशाली एंटीऑक्सीडेंट होता है, जो फ्री रैडिकल्स को दूर करने में मददगार होता है.

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