Even without chili cheese and manchurian, it seems very testy ‘ golic fried rice ‘, learn its recipe

By | February 27, 2021

Even without chili cheese and Manchurian, it seems very testy ‘ Golic fried rice ‘, learn its recipe

Fried rice in Chinese food is the favorite of most people, but not everyone knows the dish to make it perfect. So today we will learn recipes for making garlic fried.

chili cheese and manchurian

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Add 4 teaspoons of oil to a large wok and add 3 fine garlic buds and saute.
Fry them on a light flame until golden.
Now add onions, spring onions, and green chilies and fry.
Also, pour capsicum, gadder, and chopped beans so that they are also well-fry.
Now add vinyl, soy sauce, and chili sauce. Mix and intensify the heat.
Then mix the cooked basmati rice.
Also, pour the hot pepper and salt to taste.
Ready is the garlic fried rice that you can serve at lunch or dinner at any.

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