Delhi Food Outlets Litti chokha Food dish

By | December 25, 2021

Delhi Food Outlets Litti chokha Food dish

Delhi Food Outlets (Dr. Rameshwar Dayal) litti-chokha cuisine in Delhi is no longer the name of the dish. Pursue the people of Delhi in constant settlers and capital in their social and political status of gaining a positive impact it is that Purvanchal of local and Indian dishes in Delhi its effective penetration you have, the type Purvanchal of the Chhath festival is now in Delhi is a famous festival become
Has been. What is special is that these Purvanchal recipes have also attracted people from Delhi or from other states living in the capital. The result is that litti-chokha in the capital
Good bases have been opened, where people enjoy them with great enthusiasm. Today we are taking you to one such litti-sharp shop. We claim that by eating this dish you will experience that
The perfect taste of Purvanchal has really caught your eye.

Delhi Food Outlets Litti chokha Food dish

Delhi Food Outlets Litti chokha Food dish

Litti roasted in coal flame

At Gurudwara road (behind the Mother Dairy plant) in Mandavali, yamunapar, you will see a litti-chokha shop (small restaurant) called ‘Mr. litti wala’. Whenever you go there, you will get to eat a chhokha full of real spices and litti roasted on a flame of hot coals. The owner of this shop is pre-owned and has worked in many well-known hotels, so there is no doubt about what the taste of this shop will be like. First let’s talk about litti. Wheat flour is kneaded hard and filled with gram sattu, salt, chillies, celery, garlic etc.between the balls. This litti is lightly roasted on a flame of coal, so it Cooks deep inside and releases fragrance.

Here you will get to eat a chutti roasted on a flame of hot coals and a sharpener full of real spices.

Desi way is made by chokha

Now pure of eggplant, potatoes and tomatoes tossed them chopped green chillies and other spices his thick paste is made. This is called sharpener. It does not contain any adulteration and
It looks the same in its original and homegrown form and the taste is exactly what Chokhe should be. Now this hot chokha is served in desi ghee along with chukak litti. Together with soursop sauce,
Chopped onions and green chillies are served. When chokha and chutney go into the mouth with hard litti, it starts to dissolve. His tartness and freshness will make you feel different. Wow brother, enjoy that will emerge basakhta from your mouth. With two litti, this dish is offered for Rs 50. Eat and pack and take home.


With two litti, this dish is offered for Rs 50.

After studying hotel management, he started the work of litti-Chokhe

The one who feeds this dish is Devendra Singh. He first studied hotel management and worked in large hotels in Delhi. This shop he opened three years ago. He first started this work in the year 2010 near the Hanuman temple at Connaught Place. With this work, he taught his brothers and wife who are doing a good job today. But Devendra liked the work of litti-Chokhe. Adding that this dish has retained the predestined flavor which is our USP. At the Connaught Place shop, so many well-known leaders and actors would come to eat this dish. Litti-sharp starts at 10:30 am and works till 9:30 pm. There is no holiday.


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