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By | April 12, 2021


Today I’m going to talk about a beverage that is very special on summer days. Yes, I am discussing the fruits of ‘Bell’ (Wood Apple). The fruit of the bell comes out in the summer, but the importance of ‘Bell Patra’ is very much in Hindu customs. You must have seen it in shivalayas. Let’s talk about bell sorbet…

Origin is in India
It is believed that There is an origin of vines in India. It is much mentioned in Sanskrit books and Vedas. Along with eating and drinking, its medicinal properties are also mentioned in many places. Chinese scholars have also mentioned this fruit of India in their books. Nowadays it is being grown in Thailand, Malaysia, Colombia and other South East Asia.

Grown all over the country
In India, especially in the plains, its crop is grown. But from north to south it is grown and eaten. It is grown in Maharashtra, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh etc. However, it has not been able to get that importance according to its qualities. If used, many diseases can be cured.

It is eaten, drunk,
In fact, it is also eaten directly by many people. The cooked vine is boiled and its pulp is eaten. At the same time, the pulp is removed and dissolved to make sherbet. Its murabba is also made. On the carts in north India you can see that the vine sorbet is available. However, it is yet to get the popularity it deserves.

Benefits of Bell Sorbet
One thing I should make clear at the beginning is that bell sorbet is not considered suitable for diabetes patients. However, diabetics can consume it a little with the advice of their doctor without adding sugar. So let’s know what benefits this bell gives to your body…

– Bell keeps the stomach very cold
– Easily digestible
– Beneficial in gas and constipation problems
– It contains good amounts of protein, beta-carotene, thymine, riboflavin and vitamin C
– Is also considered helpful in cleaning blood
– Safe for several days even after breaking from a tree

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