10 HEALTHY FOODS To ALWAYS Have in Your Kitchen | Healthy Foods For WEIGHT LOSS

By | May 3, 2021

10 HEALTHY FOODS To ALWAYS Have in Your Kitchen | Healthy Foods For WEIGHT LOSS

one of my biggest tips for maintainingweight loss and having a healthylifestyle is to set yourself up forsuccessas often as possible let’s face it it issoeasy to fail when we have nothing in thefridge to eat orwhen all the food that we have in thehouse is unhealthy and isn’t gonna alignwith our healthy lifestyle and whenyou’re hungry it’s so much easier toconvince yourself to have that pizzaor to order some chinese or just to havea tub of ice creambecause you haven’t set yourself up forsuccess in that situation but if youhave a planif you put the things in your house thatare healthy and align with your goalsit’s so much easier to make thosedecisions and to take that step towardsyour healthy lifestyle and i promiseit’ll even be easier than ordering pizzaand so one way i do thisis to make sure that my fridge and mypantry are stocked with healthy options.

Healthy Foods For WEIGHT LOSS

that i can grab that i can either cookand prepare from scratchor that i can have that are easy to grabso i have a quick meal because whenyou’re hungry you want something tosolve the problem quicklyno you don’t have to go crazy and haveperfectly preparedmeals that take an hour to cook everyday that is not what i’m implying herebut what i am saying is that havingfoods that are easy to grab as a snackhaving foods that are easy to puttogether that are healthy are all goingto make your life so much easier to stayon trackso i went through my fridge and mypantry and my freezer and i came up withthe top 10 foods that you should have inyour kitchen.

if you want to maintainyour healthy lifestyle solet’s get startedso like i mentioned in my video on theseven foods i eat every dayeggs and egg whites are so valuablebecause they are anexcellent source of protein like onewhole egg containssix grams of protein they’re also prettyinexpensive for the protein that you’regetting as well so they’re a good highprotein food that doesn’t cost a lotplus they’re rich in vitamins andminerals and they’re tasty too andthey’re really quick to makeand they last in your fridge for a longtime i usually combine anegg with some egg whites and i put itinto a breakfast burritoor a wrap or i add it to a sandwich it’sjust a bunch of different ways to addmore flavortexture and protein to my meals so i’m abig fan of that of course you couldalways just have them hard-boiled orjust fried too it’s whatever works foryouand makes your life easier full fatgreek yogurt is another one so yogurt isa great source of probiotics healthyfats and protein you can use it in ashakeyou can have it instead of mayonnaise orsour creamyou can use it in sauces and dips youcan have it as a yogurt bowlyou can have it in savory and sweetoptions it can just be your replacementfor like most things that are creamyand if you’re wondering why i’m notsaying fat-free greek yogurt and insteadi’m saying whole fat that’s because thatwhole fat is good for us watch my videoon saturated fats and whether or notthey’re good for you watch my video onwhether or not full fat dairy is goodfor you and you will seeall this research that points to havingfull fat foods in your diet is a greatoption if you’re wanting to lose weightso i definitely utilize full fat greekyogurt to feel fulland satisfied and it’s just so easy toreplace so many of those unhealthyoptionswith this greek yogurt in my pantryprotein powder all right so proteinpowder is anessential item in my house i have allsorts of protein powders in my pantryand if i’m getting low i make sure toorder more just like with the eggs andthe egg whiteshaving an easy to grab protein option isa great idea if you’re wanting to lead ahealthy lifestyleif you watch my video on why women needto eat more proteinand you’ll know.

Healthy Foods

that having protein inyour diet is very very important andit’s essential for healthy body and ahealthy weight and you can just have itas an option to add to a smoothie or youcan bake with it and even use it as aflour replacement or you can just mix itwith some water and have as a quickshake as well but i use protein powderthroughout the day to supplement myprotein that i’m also getting fromnaturally occurring foodsfresh and frozen vegetables so i alwaystry to keep fresh orcooked veggies that are easy to grabready to go in my fridge because theyarejust good additions to any meal so imight have raw sliced bell peppers thatare easy to grabor i’ll cook broccoli in bulk and thenhave that ready to grab and add to amealbut if you just take a little bit oftime once you get them and you cook themor you prep them and cut them and havethem ready to grab it’s going to make itso much easier for you later when you’rehungry to just have that snack or tohave that to add to your meals ratherthan having to cut it up and cook allthatas you go instead you have it all readyto go ahead of time but having thoseadded veggies is going to add some extraprotein and some much needed nutrientsplus you’re gonna get that fiber inthere and just those complex carbs areso valuablefor a healthy lifestyle and also keep inmind that frozen veggies are just ashealthy and nutrient dense asfresh veggies so you don’t have to worryabout having fresh veggies go bad allthe time in your fridgeif you have them frozen and ready toreheat really quickly fromyour freezer fresh and frozen fruitsjust like with my veggies i also havefresh and frozen fruit on hand at alltimes these are great for just a quicksnackadding two yogurt bowl tossing into asmoothietopping some oatmeal just having thatextra naturally occurring sweetness it’sgonna give you all of thosegood vitamins and minerals plus thefiber is just a really good thing tohave and plus it’s really nice to getthat added flavor and the colors tooplus you get all the antioxidantsespecially when you’re having berries inthere.


so i try to keep those at leastfrozen if i can i’ll have them fresh aswell and i also freeze bananas all thetime frozen bananas areperfect for adding the smoothies theyhave a nice creaminess to them and so itry to if they are going bad on mycounter i make sure to freeze them andso i kind of keep that goingtortillas or bread so depending whatyour go-to grain ishaving a healthy high fiber bread like atortilla or a wrap or a breadis really really valuable to have at alltimes in your pantry i kind of rotatebetween ezekiel english muffinsor dave’s killer thin sliced bread orolayspinach wraps because those really workwell with my lifestyle and they arejust packed with nutrients and fiber andprotein so those are my favorite go-to’si’ll keep one in the pantry and then iwill keep everything else in the freezerthey actually freeze really well and youjust take them out the day that you needthem and within just a few hoursthey’re ready to go and just as a sidenote for bread or any type ofwrap that you’re getting i only picksomething that has a minimum of threegramsper slice of fiber rice i always have astarch that’s easy to have and i have itprepped ready to go in bulkin my fridge i do brown rice and whiterice so either one of those is great thebrown rice is slightly cleaner it hasslightly more protein and fiber in therebecause it has that outer shell butthey’re bothperfectly good options adding a cleancarb to your meals so i might have somerice as a side with somefish and broccoli or i might add it to abowl or have it in a chicken burritoso i use rice all the time to bulk up mymeals get those carbs that i’m lookingforand just super tasty too it’s reallyeasy to have rice in your pantry and tojust make.


it in bulk one day you can doit the same day you’re cooking yourveggies so you have everything ready togo in the fridge for when you need itall right so ilove peanut butter i put it in mysmoothies i have it with bananas i putit on my yogurt bowls i have it on myprotein pancakesi spread it on bread and rice cakes it’sjust so goodand so satisfying has a ton of healthyfats in it and also has some protein anda little bit of carbs so it is a greatnutrient dense option that i always keepon hand so if you’re allergic to peanutsyou can always use a different nutbutterlike almond butter or cashew butter orif you’re allergic to all those you canalso tryusing like a sunflower seed butter sothere’s a lot of options out there withhow many allergies there are thatcompanies have made a ton of optionsthat will work foryour lifestyle so along the same linesas peanut butter i alsoalways have a butter in my fridge i lookforunsalted grass-fed organic butterthat type of butter is healthier becauseit’s higher in omega-3fatty acids and it has a better ratio ofunsaturated fat to saturated fat it’sjust a really easy way to add healthypurefat plus it tastes delicious and it’svery satisfying and it makes your foodbetter i’ll use about a half atablespoon per serving whenever i add itto something so i’m not using a ton ofit but it definitely makes an impacteven with that little bitand again just like i was talking aboutwith greek yogurt check out my video onsaturated fats and whether or notthey’re good for you if you’re concernedabout adding that type of food to yourdiet becausetrust me there’s so much research to thecontrary it’s actually a greathealthy addition lean protein so leanproteinis a must if you are trying to hit yourprotein requirement for the day which irecommend that you do personally rightnow i’m targeting 150 grams of proteinevery day and i get that through a tonof different protein sourcesi get it through my egg whites i get itthrough my protein powder.


like i’vementioneda little bit from my peanut butter andall of that and i also get it throughlean protein which is going to beyour meats so my very best lean proteinfavorites are chicken breastand cod they are super high in proteinand pretty low in fat so they make agreat option to just haveas a protein to your meal and they’resuper tasty but you could also even havestuff like tofuor ground beef or soy beans somethingelse that’s really high in protein andthat’s what you’re getting your proteinfrom all right so i wanted to add ina bonus one and that is sauce now ilove sauce i love salsa i love ketchup ilove mustard i love relish i love allthe things on top of my food so a bigthing for my healthy lifestyle is tomake sure i have something that i canalways add to my meal to make it evenmore enjoyable i love my frank’s hotsauce if you follow me on instagram youknow i’m adding it all the time tomy food and it just has the perfectspice and it’s just so tasty and it’spretty lowin calories as well so it’s a greatoption all right now that you know thebasics of what to keep on hand in ahealthy kitchen.

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