How to Thicken, Lengthen and Enlar Down Penis – Ling Ko Mota, Lamba or Bada Karne Ka Tarika

By | March 4, 2021

Today, many websites on the Internet make many claims about how to increase gender and the method of lengthening the penis. But what would the truth be that all the websites that claim this claim? Everybody is confused about it. There are many misconceptions about the size of the penis among Indian men. People are looking for ways to increase the size of their penis by adopting some wrong methods. With the eagerness to increase this organ in men, the market for sex enhancement drugs and products has reached billions of rupees today.

Experts believe that the length of the penis of most men who are under stress is normal as their penis is small. Experts also say that men should take a support from doctors on the subject before using sex enhancement and lengthy drugs.

In fact, the size of the penis is according to your body. If you are worried about the size of the penis, you should go to an expert and make a counselling. He will be able to explain the exact reason for your problem. Although the measures to increase penis size are low, you can make this work easier by staying fit and reducing weight.


How much size is penis – Ling ka aakar kitna hota hai in Hindi
The average basis of the length of the penis in adolescents cannot be measured, as it is different from everyone’s enlargement process.

According to a study on men, the average length of men’s penis was found to be as follows:

Length without stress and stimulation – 8.12 centimeters (3.2 inches) in normal condition
Thickness without stress and stimulation – 9.14 centimeters (3.6 inches)
Length after stress and stimulation – 13.01 centimeters (5.1 inches)
Thickness after stress and stimulation – 11.46 centimeters (4.5 inches)
There are many types of stressful penis sizes. Some have a straight strain, while the size of the penis is slightly lower after the stress of many people. On the right side of some, some are bent to the left. If this inclination is high, you may have pain and difficulty during sex.

The process of increasing according to the age of each person varies. At the same time, the length of their penis varies. At the age of 11 to 18, the size of the penis increases rapidly during adult age and its growth continues for 21 years.

Does the size of the penis matter? – Kya ling ka size mahtva rakhta hai in Hindi
In men with the size of the penis, the mind is afraid to satisfy his partner. Some men are also concerned about the size of their own penis after unloading clothes.

The size of the penis in men of India is considered a symbol of their confidence and body masculinity, which is a very misconception. We have already told you the average length of the penis size of Indian men. The size of the penis does not matter, but we are not sure whether you can satisfy your spouse. So pay more attention to your sexual technique, not on the size of your penis.

Men who have a small penis size are tense. Men are more likely to have erectile dysfunction due to mental stress. At the same time, he also suffers from many other kinds of sexual diseases. If you are also suffering from this kind of discomfort, you need to be counselling a doctor.

Penis enhancing domestic, natural remedy and medicine – Ling badhane ke gharelu or prakartik upay in Hindi
There is a lot of ways to increase penis size, but some work, nothing. If you are looking for ways to lengthen and thicken your penis, some drugs can help you. These drugs increase blood circulation in the vicinity of your penis, making your penis completely stimulated at the time of stress and stimulation. In addition, you can benefit from yoga, dietary changes and some exercise habit to make the penis bigger. So, you know about these drugs that work in the method of lengthening your penis.

These drugs may also have some acquired effects. Before using these, you should consult a doctor –

Bunions – Bunions are an indigenous drug and are found in hot areas. In our country, this herb has been used in Ayurveda since ancient times. It is being used for centuries to remove the strength and weakness of the body.
A number of studies have been conducted which found that bunion increases testosterone levels. Testosterone is a hormone that enhances the sexual strength, size and stiffness of a man.
Ginseng – Ginseng is a drug found in South Korea, Siberia and North Korea. The ingredients present in this bun herb work to heal our nerves. Some studies have found that it is beneficial to overcome the difficulties in sexual activity, while there are no solid bases in the medical world about its benefits.
Ginseng is used in many medicines. It also contains the possibility of cancer, heart disease, insomnia and other disorders. For this reason, you should take the advice of a doctor before taking it regularly. (Read more – first time sex)
If you are about to take this medicine, you should see the label or packet of this medicine as “Korean ginseng root” written on you.


Gingko Biloba – Ginco Biloba Herb works by enhancing brain capacity. In addition, it increases blood circulation in our body and gender. It is used as a medicine to lengthen the penis. The study has found that ginto biloba is very beneficial for eliminating depression from the disruption of sexual activities. It also helps in increasing memory. In addition, it also has some harmful effects. It makes you easily find the market with tea leaves and also in the form of tablets.
Maca supplement – Maka powder is used to increase the size of the penis. It is considered to be a drug that increases sexual arousal. It contains elements that increase your inner strength level and keep the stimulation in the sex of men right. It is used in large numbers.
L-arginine – It has been used for penis lengthy medicine for a long time. It acts like a kind of amino acid, which fixes the flow of blood to lengthen it during stimulation in the penis. It has to be taken three times a day. Taking it regularly improves your sperm strength and fertility. It is used as a drug for sexual dysfunction and for penis enhancement. If you are taking heart disease medication, avoid consuming it.


Domestic ways to increase penis size – Ling ka aakar badhane ke tarike in Hindi
The drug to lengthen and thicken the penis today is a way to get everyone, but you can easily increase the size of the penis with a slight change in your routine. Experts believe that you have to pay attention to your routine to increase the length of the body and any of its organs. You have to do things in your routine that keep you fit and keep your blood flow in general. You can easily lengthen the penis due to the following changes in the routine.

Do not smoke –
Penis size depends on the blood of your body, before and after stimulation. Smoking and any other drug abuse shorten the path of your nerves. Due to which blood flow to the body parts is not properly used. This also reduces the flow of blood in the veins of the penis. The reason why the size of the penis does not get the right growth. If you are looking for ways to increase your penis, you will soon have to abandon the habit of smoking. (Read more: Smoking cessation measures)
Do regular exercise –
The operation of your body keeps the blood flow right. Regular exercise leads to blood flow to all organs of the body and the body is fully active. It also works smoothly in the veins of the penis. If you do not exercise or exercise, your penis will not be fully stimulated. So, everybody should exercise at least one hour a day. For this you should swim, jogging, walk or cycling. All these exercises fix your blood flow.
There is no exercise specifically to enlarce the penis. To increase the size of the penis you have to keep all parts of the body functional and smooth.
Exercise for pelvic muscles –
If you want to increase your penis faster, you need to exercise the muscles of the pelvic area. The pelvic area is the part below your navel, from where the veins of your penis are attached. The flow of blood during stimulation in the penis is controlled from this place. An exercise called Kinjal is done to strengthen the pelvic muscles. This improves your sexual life. (Read more: How to increase sex power and how to have sex)
Reduce abdominal fat –
Your penis starts to shorten when the stomach grows. You don’t have to suffer much to reduce abdominal fat. You can also see changes in the length of the penis while reducing abdominal fat. In a report, it has been reported that about 50 per cent of men who had waist instead of 32 inches were men who were found to have a complaint of erectile dysfunction (non-stimulation in the penis). (Read more: Measures to reduce abdominal fat)
For this reason, men who have more abdominal fat should reduce it for the length of the penis.
(Read more – Women’s Orgasm)

Penis Lengthy Method – Ling ko lamba karne ki vidhi in Hindi
How to show penis size larger
Tell you that keeping the hair small near the genital sex also makes the length of your penis more visible. When they grow up, you get the illusion of being small in the size of the penis.
How to show long and thick penis
When you keep the hair growing near the penis small, the penis starts to look thicker. It also looks more attractive than ever before. Its attractive appearance also gives you confidence.


What to eat to increase penis size – Ling ke size ko badhane vale aahar in Hindi
You can also use certain kinds of foods in the measures to enlarce the penis. The next time you go to the market, you must bring these foods. They find elements to increase stimulation and size in your penis. Let us know about them.

Onions –
A variety of researches have found that onions contain all the ingredients to lengthen your penis. In fact, the elements in the onion prevent the blood from accumulating. = At the same time, it streamlines the flow of blood flowing from the heart. Which increases the size of the penis.
Salmon Fish –
Salmon fish contains omeg 3 and other nutrients that work to lengthen our penis.
Banana –
Banana is considered a useful food for your heart and blood cells. At the same time, it is important to enlarce the size of your penis as well.
Watermelon –
The use of watermelon brings excitement to the penis. Watermelon contains amino acids that maintain the spread of nerves. Watermelon is said to be essential for men’s health.

Penis Enhancing Vitamins – Ling ko badhane vale vitamin in Hindi
Vitamins also play an important role in increasing gender. If you are also willing to learn about ways to lengthen your penis, you also need to include these vitamins in your diet.

Vitamin A – Vitamin A is very essential for the body. It contains anti-bacterial properties that keep you away from many diseases. Any kind of disease prevents the size of your penis from growing. So you should eat more and more vitamin A foods. Carrots and sweet potato are found in abundance of vitamin A.
Vitamin B5 – Vitamin B5 helps to increase your penis. It maintains the activity of increasing it even after the work done by your penis. Vitamin B5 is found in sunflower seeds, cereals and mushrooms.
Vitamin C – Vitamin C should be used for ways to increase sexual capacity and lengthen the penis. Vitamin C, which increases the size of the penis, is found in guava, broccoli and yellow capsicum. Also, it can take you from many things.


The ways to make the penis tall, thicker and bigger should be careful – Ling ko lamba or mota karne ke in upayon se rahen savdhan in Hindi
Here are some common tips that you should be careful about. Their use is not a guarantee of long, coarse or large penis, but may cause damage –

Products that lengthen the penis –
Stay away from products that claim to increase penis size. It is the desire of most men to enlarce the penis. But the products that tell you the magical way to enlarce it keep you in a little distance from them. The increase in penis size is genetic. Products that claim to increase it play with your health.
Herbal Viagra –
You should stay away from this kind of medicine. It combines a variety of herbs that increase the blood flow of your penis. However, the use of such drugs also has a variety of negative effects on our body. Avoid buying such medicines online and do not forget to consult a doctor before using them.
Hanging weight on it for the length of the penis –
The weight is hung several times to enlarce the size of the penis. Which affects its thickness. There are times when there is an unnatural stretch in the penis after surgery, which removes the stoch marcus that comes into the penis.
Penis Magn’t Surgery –
Surgery to lengthen the penis also has a variety of side effects. There is no excitement in your penis for several days after such surgery, while in some cases the excitement stops. Also, the problem of erectile dysfunction, etc., begins.
Use of vacuum pumps –
The help of vacuum pumps is also taken to enlarce the penis. This is made larger by pumping the size of your penis, which fixes the flow of blood in your penis. Such vacuum pumps are used for small periods. It is also used to bring excitement to the penis. But for a long time, the tissues of the penis are destroyed by its use. At the same time, the stimulation of the penis also starts to decrease.

Keep thinking positively about the body – Sharir ke bare me sakaratmak soch rakhen in Hindi
If you are bothered about increasing penis size, you also have to pay attention to other organs, not necessarily to be disturbed or tense about the same organ. Keep positive thinking towards your body. Let us know the necessary tips to create this mindset.

Your body is fully healthy. You should not pay much attention to the length or length of any organ.
Keep your weight under control and exercise regularly. Your healthy body gives you happiness.
Don’t always blame the size of your penis. In addition, you can give full satisfaction to the partner by adopting many other methods.
Do not compare yourself with players, models and heroes. You are right like that. Focus on this.
Do as much time as you like, like walking around or participating in a game.

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