How does dopamine present in the brain work to be happy? Learn how to increase it naturally

By | May 17, 2021

How to increase dopamine: There are certain hormones in our body that are responsible for keeping us happy and positive. Simply put, dopamine is a chemical messenger that stimulates the brain to do many good things. When large amounts of the dopamine chemical are released in the brain, a lot of positive emotions like motivation, memory, happiness and relaxation are produced in the mind. .

Although its presence or growth depends entirely on the human brain and neurotransmitter bands, there are some natural methods that can be tried and extended to some extent. So if you want to keep yourself positive and happy, you can adopt these things. According to Haltline, proteins contain 23 types of amino acids, some of which make up the chemical dopamine in the body. One study found that these amino acids in protein-rich foods led to faster levels of dopamine in the brain, which in turn led to a rapid improvement in deep thinking and memory.

2. Use the least saturated fat Some research has found that high intake of saturated fats such as animal fats, butter, whole fat dairy, palm oil, coconut oil reduce dopamine levels in the brain. In this case, use as little saturated fat as possible in your diet.
Scientists have found that the intestines are closely related to the brain. In this case, having intestinal health is very important. In fact, if good bacteria live in the gut, they help increase dopamine levels in the brain. Which affects mood and behavior. In such cases, consumption of probiotic products is essential. Ex. Exercise: Research has found that if you do yoga for one hour a day, days a week, it affects dopamine levels, it also affects diseases like Parkinson’s, which actually affects the brain. It is caused by low levels of dopamine. Is. In this way, it can be said that if you exercise regularly, it keeps your mood good and keeps a lot of diseases away. 5. Adequate sleep: Not getting enough sleep affects the chemicals in the brain.


In the absence of adequate sleep, the body’s natural dopamine rhythm is disturbed and you are afflicted with a number of mental illnesses, so make sure you get enough sleep every day. 6. Music and Meditation One study found that listening to music increased people’s brain dopamine by 9 percent, while another study found that one hour of meditation increased dopamine by 64 percent. That way, incorporate music and yoga into your life. If you are feeling depressed and bothered by negative emotions, instead of staying indoors, go outside and stay in the sun for a while. You will notice a difference. Sunlight actually increases the dopamine in our body.


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